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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. UV problem

    Very thanks to Bezo and Cerbera. The material is applied correctly and texture too, everythihg is ok except the UV coordinate. Fortunately, it don't affect my work, by adjust the UV position as Bezo says, my work that draw texture is smoothly. Maybe it should be adjusted the output setting, I will experiment it. Thanks for answer again!
  2. UV problem

    Thanks for reply, Yes, I have enable "Tile". The attach is my default setting. When I set the "Offset V" to -100%, the UV will at the correct place. But even the "Offset V" is 0, I can draw the texture in bodypaint correctly, too. I just don't understand why the UV mesh at the wrong coordinate
  3. UV problem

    Hi, I import a obj file to C4D R17. When I show the UV mesh, I have a problem with that my UV coordinate is't in right place. My obj is export from 3Ds MAX, Anyone can help me? Thanks !!