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  1. That worked! Thank you so much! It does look like my scene is darker overall now, though, is that just because the highlight was removed and it's really lit the way it should be now?
  2. Hi, I'm a (fairly) recent college grad and I'm doing some finishing fixes on my senior film. I have several shots of the interior of this rocky chamber with three glowing/lit crystal obelisks in my film and I want to turn off whatever setting is making the bright spots on the walls of the cave, visible on the right in the attached picture. I've gone through the responsible lights' settings and I can't find what's making the spots, except that turning off the light turns off the bright spot. A different light is making the more faint blue light than the one making the green light and I want them both off. All these obelisk lights are area lights and the Area Shape in the Details tab is set to sphere; when I change the shape it changes the location of the bright spot and makes it more faint. I don't understand lights very well yet but I think I need the Area Shape to be a sphere to make the obelisks's lights look right. What can I do to fix this?
  3. I just checked the UVs and the one for the object was actually super small, so I sized it up and that fixed the problem. Thanks! I should have looked at the UVs before asking. I thought it was about the projection.
  4. Hi! I'm having problems with some texture mapping in C4D. I'm on the student license of R18.057. I'm making a bunch of creatures and texturing them with variations of a gradient texture, and in this particular file I applied the texture to the different pieces, but on one of the pieces of the creature, the texture isn't appearing the same as it does on the other objects. Attached is a WIP picture of the model and the texture tag settings for the piece that's appearing incorrectly. The UVW mapping works fine on all the other objects' texture tags but for the one it isn't working right. I've had this same problem in other creature files, too but I used workarounds for those files that I wasn't totally happy with. How can I get this one object to have the same projection as the others? I know a little about UV mapping but I'm not strong on it.
  5. Hello! I'm new here and I've got a little problem with my Cinema 4D R18.057 student edition's viewport settings or something. I've been modeling and sculpting creatures for my short film and I use as many keyboard shortcuts as I can, so somehow I must have hit some key I didn't mean to and now it's showing my selected objects with white edges. When I'm in Point, Edge, or Polygon mode, however, the edges turn back to the regular blue highlighting. I tried restarting Cinema and turning off everything in the viewport filter except for polygons and it's still showing objects' edges white like it does in the picture, even if I'm in Model mode or Object mode. My viewport display options are Gouraud Shading and Wireframes (no Lines selected), like I've always had, and I can't figure out what the problem is. I've had this problem before but I don't know how it was solved. Does anyone know what I might have accidentally done to make this happen? I searched Google for a match with my problem but I didn't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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