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  1. Export an animated Bend to RF

    Thanks! I ll try to bake bend deformer by tutorials and then to Alembik!
  2. Export an animated Bend to RF

    RF doesnt see the imported vertex animation
  3. Export an animated Bend to RF

    It's a new term for me and I cant find any tutorial for beginners.
  4. I tried to export an animated Bend to RF from Cinema by RF plugin. But when I am trying to import the mesh to RF - its crashes! I thing I need to bake or cashe the all of animation in C4D. But I dont know how. Can u help me? Can_just_open.rar
  5. Extrude creating a Holes on the ribs

    Sorry, I didn't save that iteration...
  6. Extrude creating a Holes on the ribs

    what issue specifically?
  7. Extrude creating a Holes on the ribs

    I'd UNcheked 'preserve' and It helped! Thanks!
  8. I make a polygon, but, when I select all in polygon edit mode and press extrude tool - it makes strange holes on the ribs.
  9. Black Glass parts

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Black Glass parts

    Thanks! I've set to PhysSky and the Glass became like in your example! Very Helpfull! Nice!
  11. Black Glass parts

    Here is: Link to the Scene
  12. Black Glass parts

    I've set it to 20 and It has become much worse
  13. Hi! I made this pic based on tutorial by GreyscaleGorilla But I dont know how to avoid this black reflection parts on the bottom of glass. My additional options are: Physical Render Options>Reflection Depth is set to =2 In the GLASS material > Reflectance > Layer Samplins> Exit color is set to "Orange" (not "black") Thanks!
  14. Thanks! Everything works!