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  1. Hi! I have a primitive Torus that was put into Cloner. Torus has a displacement in material. Of animation it has: plain+formula. With physical render I get - problem stobes. Project and Preview Files preview3.mp4
  2. On other projects this method is working. But on my RealFlow, as in the topic pic - It doesnt work. Maybe cause the color of the RF liguid in motion vector is "strange white-purple?"
  3. Thanks! I've redraw a new spline above and now extruded spline is good!
  4. I have a spline, when I am extruding - it's ok, but without top and bottom polygons. And Bridge tool is deactivated. What is the solution?
  5. I've rendered a multipass image: motion vector. Use MV pass with RSMB Vector, and it looks like this: Where to make right setup for MV ?
  6. Thanks! I ll try to bake bend deformer by tutorials and then to Alembik!
  7. It's a new term for me and I cant find any tutorial for beginners.
  8. I tried to export an animated Bend to RF from Cinema by RF plugin. But when I am trying to import the mesh to RF - its crashes! I thing I need to bake or cashe the all of animation in C4D. But I dont know how. Can u help me? Can_just_open.rar
  9. I'd UNcheked 'preserve' and It helped! Thanks!
  10. I make a polygon, but, when I select all in polygon edit mode and press extrude tool - it makes strange holes on the ribs.
  11. Thanks! I've set to PhysSky and the Glass became like in your example! Very Helpfull! Nice!
  12. Hi! I made this pic based on tutorial by GreyscaleGorilla But I dont know how to avoid this black reflection parts on the bottom of glass. My additional options are: Physical Render Options>Reflection Depth is set to =2 In the GLASS material > Reflectance > Layer Samplins> Exit color is set to "Orange" (not "black") Thanks!
  13. I've realized that my bounce is bad when the object in emitter is "capsule", but if I make "rectangle" - everything becoming perfect! Without falling under the floor and your advice is starting to work! Thanks a lot for helpin me!



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