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  1. Hi Igor, They sent over an .igs originally but I had the same issue with the curves coming in jagged. When opening the .igs file in C4D I get the following options. Which gave me the following results: What other file types would you recommend?
  2. Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone would please be able to help me out, as I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out! I'm trying to convert a .dwg file a client has sent over into a format that I can open in Cinema 4D R20 (Mac) They have created the CAD in Autocad. I've downloaded a demo, opened the file and exported it as a .stl with the smoothness set at the highest settings. This works to a certain extent but anything curves are pretty jagged. I've also tried opening the .dwg file directly into C4D only a tiny part of the CAD is picked up although the curves are really smooth. I've also tried opening the file in Rhino (demo) to convert the file but unfortunately, it wouldn't accept the file. Does anyone have any suggestions as I don't seem to be having much luck!



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