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  1. MarcosMorais

    Unwarp to Print

    Sry for the delay on the respond but thank you very much for the comments. I have resolve my problem.
  2. MarcosMorais

    Unwarp to Print

    Hello! I want to print my object and then fold the paper to have a real model. It is possible to unwarp a model and have the exact dimessions? I try many times but i cant get the volume :( Ty
  3. MarcosMorais

    Help creating a magazine!

    Sry, i'm new here.
  4. MarcosMorais

    Redshift 2 sided Material

    Hello! Anyone know how to create a 2sided material using Redshift? I need to apply this texture to a Plane (book pages). Its very easy to do it with phisical but i cant do it using RedShift. Thanks in advance!
  5. MarcosMorais

    Help creating a magazine!

    Ty very much, i will have to texture a lot of pages and this will help me.
  6. MarcosMorais

    Help creating a magazine!

    Hi Mark, i already try that plugin, but the the result wasnt realistic enough. I feel like i have to animate all pages and movemente one by one. But thx for taking the time to try to help me.
  7. MarcosMorais

    Help creating a magazine!

    Hello! I need to create and animate a realistic magazine, but i dont know the best way. I start using the bend deformer but the pages move like cardboard, and now i'm using splines (loft) but with this method i need to manually animate the pages. Anyone can give me some tips. Thanks in advance.