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  1. Thank you. It looks better change bezier to spline! But I solved the problem using 'Nitro Bake' plugin. Have a nice day!
  2. Did you rotate my character? It seems fine before rotation. And you can see twisted leg in my screenshot. It will be my last spline rigging ㅜㅜ... But I have to use it for this time.. Please help me....
  3. 대용량 첨부파일 1개(39MB) 대용량 첨부 파일은 30일간 보관 / 100회까지 다운로드 가능 180514_S.c4d 39MB 다운로드 기간: 2018/05/16 ~ 2018/06/15 I use c4d R18
  4. Hi. I made a character animation by spline rigging. And I null and rotate it then it was messed up. Please help me ㅠㅠ



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