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  1. Physical sky and sky at the same time?

    yeah, that would work. I guess I was just trying to avoid having to move lights around whenever something moves in space. with HDRI lighting I can move a ship around all over the place and have that constant ambient light. with soft boxes i'm going to have to watch out that it's not obvious when something moves past a light. I suppose if I put the lights really far away that would help. sure wish there was a way to just toss in an HDRI with the physical sky. would be a super quick and easy setup for quick animations.
  2. i'm trying to make a fairly universal space scene that I can use for animating stuff in space. the physical sky, with the atmosphere turned down to 0%, does the stars for me and also provides a single bright source of light from the sun, but I also want to use an HDRI to provide just a little ambient lighting so my ships and space stations aren't mostly in the shadow. example 1 is when I have the sky with the HDRI. example 2 is when I have the physical sky turned on, notice I get the sun and the stars, but I lose the HDRI. what should I do to get both?
  3. Space scene lighting setup?

    just something that looks kinda generic honestly. think stargate, Babylon 5, star wars, etcetera. I just want to tinker with doing some space ship scenes and have it look halfway decent. I have c4ddepot's infinite space for the stars and nebulas and all but just wasn't sure what I should go with for lighting. I tried a single omni light to emulate the realism of a sun but it just makes most of the ship shadowy and dark. look at the images I attached, I know they're all very non-realistic say if compared to NASA photos but they actually show the ships. I know I could just do a 3-light setup like I would light anything else but i'm going to be hopefully animating some stuff and wasn't sure how it would look if the ship moves around. do you think for TV shows they just attached the 3-light setup to the ship itself and had it move with the ship so that the lighting didn't change? forgive the newbie questions but I've never animated anything in a space scene before.
  4. Space scene lighting setup?

    I was already thinking about that, reflected light from planets and obviously the sun being the main source of light. what about deep space though? what kind of setup do you all use when showing a space ship in deep space, nowhere near a major star? the realistic thing would be to have it very dark I suppose, but that also doesn't look very good.
  5. I'm wanting to learn about the different methods you all use for lighting space scenes. Hoping to hear some new and novel ideas I've not heard before. Thanks!
  6. Is it possible to easily create a sort of bubble around an object. Almost think of vaccuforming. Look at the images attached, I want to be able to make shield bubbles around spaceships that have roughly the same shape as the ship itself.
  7. Cover a surface in clones?

    I figured out dropping my sphere under a mograph cloner object, I then set the mode to object and selected the parent item I wanted but now I see nothing. there's no way to increase or decrease the number of clones :\
  8. Hey folks. Would it be possible to select a face and then have a cloned number of smaller objects applied to it? I've got these little white round windows and I'd like to be able to select a face and then have a bunch of them be applied to the surface in a regular and controllable manner. Doable?
  9. Great reply. Between JSPlacement and those tips for the reflectance settings I think my material game is about to jump up a notch.
  10. I might have to read through the thread again. I saw where you guys were talking about the panels and the illumination maps and all that but didn't see anything about the satin painted metal look I'm going for. JSPlacement is amazing though. I can tell I'm going to have fun with that, thanks.
  11. ST III Spacedock

    That luminance map is awesome. Man how do I wish there was something like JSPlacement that could automatically generate sweet luminance maps! (edit) nevermind. apparently JSPlacement actually DOES do this!
  12. Okay, wow. So I'm guessing it's not an easy look to achieve?
  13. Downloading JSPlacement now. I had thought about adding a hull panel texture to the bump map and setting it to a really low setting. It's the look of the material itself I'm unsure of how to replicate, how it looks like matte/satin paint on top of metal. The default grey material in Cinema 4D looks too plain and doesn't have the look of paint like it does in the TOS renders. I've got some car paint materials for Cinema but they're all shiny and sparkly, not remotely close to the finish on the Enterprise.
  14. Cool. Thanks for the answer. I'll take a look. I can see that the panels are just BARELY there in the images, but any idea how to also get that really plain "painted metal" look that it has from a distance when you can't make out the panels? It looks like maybe some noise, or something with the diffusion or something but I'm not good at mixing custom materials. Ignore that last part if that's also covered in the JSPlacement thread. Thanks for the help. I just really want to do some space ship renders that have that very simple look like TOS, as opposed to the highly detailed and very busy panel look from later eras.
  15. I'm not good enough at creating custom materials to figure out how to approximate it. Hoping somebody can help me make something similar.