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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've started animating something and then find out it's still set to spline and I have to redo the entire scene. Is there a way for all new projects to always default to linear?
  2. Z-Brush can do this kind of thing? I'll tinker with poly reduction to see if it helps with what I'm trying to do. Basically trying to do the explode into light thing I spoke of in another topic but high poly objects are producing really strange results that don't look right.
  3. I'm guessing the answer is no, but assuming I'm importing a finished model from somewhere else, say Thingiverse or whatever, is there a way to very quickly make a low-poly version of that model that has the same basic shape without having to remodel the whole thing?
  4. To save anyone in the future some time you only need like the first 2 minutes of the video. Basically in the materials section CREATE > SHADER > SKETCH MATERIAL then open the material and on the main tab you can load presets for all kinds of sketch styles!
  5. Don't suppose there's a video or preferably a written tutorial that takes less than 34 minutes eh?
  6. I turned on the cell render option in the render settings window to try to get a basic sketch look to my objects, but as you can see when I don't have edges ticked I just get a single outline, but when I turn on edges then I get all of the geometry. I want the outlines of the details object so it looks like a sketch, but not the polygons visible. Is this possible?
  7. does the explosion FX deformer go as a child of the object? I did that, put in these settings, and then animated the "time" property and while I can see the outline of the explosion FX deformer grow in accordance with the "time" property it does not make the object break apart or do anything at all.
  8. yes but 0% is the default setting and that's the smallest it goes, which is still very visible polys. shame there's no way to make it explode into particles of dust.
  9. quick question though, how does one shrink the polys of the exploded object? I'm not seeing the option to scale the fragments in the options.
  10. Cool I never thought of putting a light inside of something and then exploding it into dust. I'm currently doing a 50 frame render of an explode modifier on my object with a pure white self-illuminated material on it. It's got little chunks to the explosion but with motion blur on I'm thinking it will still look about right. If it doesn't I'll definitely try the method you suggested. Thanks.
  11. oh wow. that's really cool. I'll study the file you provided. thanks.
  12. I'm not sure if I can explain it properly, but basically I'd like to take an object and render out a short animation where it explodes outward in a flash of light and disappears. Now I don't want to break up the object and have debris mind you, the object should look like it simply turns into pure light and explodes outward. I know how to do a standard explosion in 3D, but I don't even know where to start with what I'm thinking of. Any help?
  13. Trying to work on a little motion graphic but not seeing how I could make particles deflect around a sphere, kinda like how water goes around a rock in a river.
  14. Still haven't figured out why it's not rendering in the picture viewer?



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