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  1. thats okay so far, i tried a dens regular plane, with a aligned topology and it gives me nice ultra details on 1.6 million poly but fps drops down to 8 frames while sculpting "while dragging my pull brush with a stampe" ? do you know why this happens ? i have 32 gb of memory and an asus 1060 6gb as my gpu --- https://imgur.com/a/A0WpcPD
  2. Hello all i have a strange behavior, maybe its normal but i missing a bit of information because i am still beginner in sculpting :D well the case is, I'm working on R19.68, in sculpting process.. i never reach to stamp / stencil details as good as it should even i up-raise the subdivision in sculpting stamping file are not less than 2k in average but it never give me a pleasing details and also after a point fps drops significantly any ideas ?
  3. yea, its fine just lose the normal bit of height amount

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