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  1. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    I understand. Then my questions are? 1. When the monkey is opening its mouth, how come is opening so far without any anomalies? Did you use a deformer? 2. I understand that the tongue "is a tracer made out of animated nulls to form a spline, then i just spline wrapped the tongue model onto the tracer". When it curls from man to monkey, how does it get the sort of liquid effect? is it using the Metaball. 3. Also when the monkey changes to man, the tongue has something black on it. Is it still splines with tracer object and metaball? 4. When the man is changing to monkey, how do the hands break up from the character and extend? Are you using a Boole? 5. Also before the morph from man to monkey you have the hand moving around and some blue liquid particles. Are those particles or Cloner? I suppose my main interest is the tongue because I am looking for a similar effect. Would you help me to create a similar tongue in a simpler form that is as flexible as in your project?
  2. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    Because I have found you in a sharing mood, would you also consider uploading the 2 files for this project? I did read all your posts about how you made this animation, but a physical file would fill all the blanks. I do find your animation really interesting I would really like to explore all its components. :)
  3. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    Thank you for sharing this file . It is impressive that such an simple set up can create such an animated effect. I can see that the Hull Value of the Metaball is animated really fast, from 600% to 1000% in just 5 frames. That's it what I was confused about. Is the multiple object and the fast Hull animation that make the spash effect.
  4. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    I do understand all the methods you are using, but I just cannot recreate that splash at the end. Your animation just seems more impressive than I can make it. Might be the synchronisation of specific keyframes. (the hull and movement) Is there any way you can upload that file?
  5. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    I just don't get how that last 1 second is happening when the splines are pushed apart and explode. Does the explode effect happen from a combination between Metaball and Random Effector?
  6. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    Do you have the c4d file for this scene?
  7. twist object on modelled hand

    I have realised that this can be fixed by Axis Alignment.
  8. I have modelled a hand and I would like to use a Twist deformer on it. However I am not sure how I can make it behave like the cube next to it (as you can see from the .c4d file). tubo 4.3.c4d
  9. Thank you for your help.
  10. I was wondering what is the best technique to flip an already rigged hand. Should the rig and the mesh just be dropped inside the Symmetry Object and it is going to do its magic after you make it editable? Are there any other solutions or settings you need to fiddle with? tubo 3.7.c4d
  11. As you can see from the uploaded file, I am trying to rotate the left hand, but the animation is running in the opposite direction. I suppose this happens because I have just modelled one hand ( the right one), and the mirrored one (the left one) is all messed up. How can I fix this? tubo 3.6 problem.c4d I would imagine this is a noob topic, but any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Problems Rigging

    You're moretoless.c4d file is helpful. But it only works if you go from 2 quadruple faces to 1 quadruple face. How do you use only quadruple faces when you move from 3 to 2?
  13. Problems Rigging

    Thank you everfresh and jbatista. I did not realise that loops are going to influence how the model is deformed in animation. I thought loops are used just to make a edge tighter when you are using the Subdivision Surface. I understand now the multiple benefits of loops. I followed some of your advices, and the model works closer to what I have expected. a. Added more loops. b. Tried to get rid of the triangles from the hand. (did not fully succeed) c. Placed the joints inside the mesh. I was wondering if you can help me more by exploring this revised model as this would help me understand rigging better: 1. I have binded just one arm to see how it looks and left the cinema 4d default weight. Before I start weighting, do you have any tips? One tip I have heard is to try to use absolute values, no smooths if possible. 2. The mesh is still deforming slightly. Should I add more loops, or should I make the distance between the loops bigger so I can leave more space for deformations? 3. Still mesh related. After I have added the loops, I have remained with 2 small triangles. There are 2 cameras aimed at the triangles. Is there any way to get rid of them? Is there any point to get rid of them or should I just leave them? 4. As you can see from tubo.3.1, there is a null named Hand Movement Null that can help with hand rotation. However every time I change any coordinates values, they just return to the default position. I am not sure if this is a bug or the Hand Movement Null is constrained by the IK Target Goal. How can I have the best of both worlds? IK Target Goal and Hand Movement null that does not return to default? I did more research and I have realised that if I put the Hand Movement Null inside the IK Target Goal, I can achieve the flexibility I want. I have uploaded the revised file as well (tubo 3.2). Please let me know if this is the right way to resolve the problem. I can see that the rotate tool does not work when IK Target Goal is selected. Is it possible to enable rotation for IK Target Goal? tubo 3.1.c4d tubo 3.2.c4d
  14. This is the first character I want to animate, but I have big problems trying to rig it. As you can see from the file uploaded I have painted the weight, and now I am on my way to add the controllers. However, when I am trying to turn the hand, the character's geometry is messed up. How can I keep the volume? And how can I make that hand movement work with IK Chain? Thank you. tubo 03.4 problem.c4d