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  1. Thank you @HSrdelic and @Rectro. I would like to get straight into animation, but I feel that rigging is more important than setting keyframes. I think it is also more difficult for a newbie to learn rigging than modelling, animation or rendering because rigging effects are not seen straight away. With modelling you are doing a bevel, you can see the effect straight away. With animation you set a few keyframes, effect is seen straight away. With rendering you play around with a few lights or materials, and depending on the machine, effects can be seen str
  2. As you can see from the attachment, the knee is badly deformed when is animated. How can I control the crease on the knee better so it would seem more natural? tubo 2.4.5.c4d
  3. As you can from the attached file, there is a prominent neck line when character is animated. I would like to animate the character, having control over the neckline crease. Is there a way to use a vertex map to maintain stiffness for the neck polygons? Do I need to create more subdivisions on the neck? If so, how can I create subdivision without messing the weight tag? tubo 2.4.4.c4d
  4. If you don't have the same effect, than most probably it is a bug. For some reason the PSR constraint has damaged the joint. Whichever points I am weighting to that joint, they assume the position of the joint. If I am remaking the joint with PSR constraint, I cannot recreate the same bug.
  5. Both teeth models are weighted using the same pattern. However as you can see from the screenshot, the teeth bellow get an undesired effect when weighted to tooth_d_Joint.2, being attracted to it. I was wondering why the geometry collapses when weighted to tooth_d_Joint.2. Is this a glitch or tooth_d_Joint.2 is somehow different than the rest of the joints? teeth above are fineteeth bellow are distorted @Rectro
  6. I have weighted joints for a character, teeth up and teeth down. Because I would like less controls so I can focus on the animation. I am weighting 3 models so I can use with 1 set of joints. As you can see from the project uploaded, this works for the teeth above, but the points mixed up for the teeth below. How can I fix this? Why the teeth below do not behave like the teeth above? tubo 2.3.4.c4d
  7. I understand. Then my questions are? 1. When the monkey is opening its mouth, how come is opening so far without any anomalies? Did you use a deformer? 2. I understand that the tongue "is a tracer made out of animated nulls to form a spline, then i just spline wrapped the tongue model onto the tracer". When it curls from man to monkey, how does it get the sort of liquid effect? is it using the Metaball. 3. Also when the monkey changes to man, the tongue has something black on it. Is it still splines with tracer object and metaball? 4
  8. Because I have found you in a sharing mood, would you also consider uploading the 2 files for this project? I did read all your posts about how you made this animation, but a physical file would fill all the blanks. I do find your animation really interesting I would really like to explore all its components. :)
  9. Thank you for sharing this file . It is impressive that such an simple set up can create such an animated effect. I can see that the Hull Value of the Metaball is animated really fast, from 600% to 1000% in just 5 frames. That's it what I was confused about. Is the multiple object and the fast Hull animation that make the spash effect.
  10. I do understand all the methods you are using, but I just cannot recreate that splash at the end. Your animation just seems more impressive than I can make it. Might be the synchronisation of specific keyframes. (the hull and movement) Is there any way you can upload that file?
  11. I just don't get how that last 1 second is happening when the splines are pushed apart and explode. Does the explode effect happen from a combination between Metaball and Random Effector?
  12. Do you have the c4d file for this scene?
  13. I have realised that this can be fixed by Axis Alignment.
  14. I have modelled a hand and I would like to use a Twist deformer on it. However I am not sure how I can make it behave like the cube next to it (as you can see from the .c4d file). tubo 4.3.c4d
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