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  1. Our 3d food scan store creative crops is going to have 60% off all credit packages from november 23-26 :) https://thecreativecrops.com
  2. Hi, If you have a photogrammetry software available to you could try it with photogrammetry. Just go on a cloudy day to minimize reflection strength and shoot raw so you can get rid of some of the reflections and shadows after taking the photos. You may have to make some little fixes in zrbush or so in places that are not visible on the photos (since your shooting from the ground only), but that shouldn't be too many since the sculptures don't stand too far out of the frame. Hope that helps, Gianni
  3. cgjohnny

    CG Food - Pear

    Render of a pear model I recently made. Really like this curvy shape
  4. Very nice reel! I especially like how well the shots are matched to the soundtrack, especially at sec 24!



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