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  1. That's it! Thank you very much C4DS!
  2. Thanks. True, I could do that, but I was hoping there would be a proper solution. Like a flag showInOM = False or something :)
  3. Sorry, what does "from OM only" mean? Thanks.
  4. Hello there! I was wondering if it is possible to hide children of an object generator plugin. I'm creating a bunch of stuff, like MoSplines and Instances and I don't want the user to go in there and change stuff. I want to hide those in the tree. Is that possible? Thanks!
  5. lol good one jed:D haha!
  6. Yep, after a few hours of searching and trial & error, I made it work. c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument() is correct. I learned a lot on the way and next time will be easier. Thanks!
  7. Thank you @jed Really cool! Yeah, I already successfully made Cinema crash with my script :D I made the python work (yay), but when I export it as a Plugin "doc" and "op" are not available anymore... now I have to figure that out... the documentation is like one of the worst ever. Shame on you MAXON :( I'm pretty good with Javascript, but I have a hard time with that documentation...
  8. Thanks for the tips, I will keep that in mind. Appreciate it!
  9. Yeah, I'm learning Python now and probably can convert it over soon. Just thought would be cool if I didn't have to convert it :D
  10. The question is simple. I know how to convert a python script or a protoype into a plugin. But that doesn't seem to work with xpresso tags. Is that not possible? How would I go about this? Thanks!
  11. Link as Sweep-Contour

    Arrghhh I knew it's going to be so simple, but I didn't think about the instance object xD Thanks a lot, it's exactly what I was looking for!
  12. Hello there! I try to make it simple for you: I have a sweep object with a contour (circle) and spline. What I want to do is this: I have a link property in the user data of the sweep object, where I can place a new spline as the contour of the sweep. But I can't make it work. Essentially I'm trying to replace the circle with a square or whatever contour, just by placing the new contour into the link field. Is that even possible? Thanks