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  1. zzpbuaa

    11.11 sale character rigs 20% off :)

    OK, now 11.11 is a promotion day worldwide ha? Not only in China. Good to see you here Aleksey. Just have a look at your website and love your tutorials. Good job.
  2. zzpbuaa

    Bias in C-Motion Pose Tab ?

    Oh, I get it finally after read the help doc twice again. For somebody haven't known it: I create steps, then tune some steps height and horizontal position. If NONE bias used, only foot will move to adjusted position, when vertical used, the character's pelvis will lift at height raised step. And if center used, apart from lift, the body will also "bias" to the moved step, to keep the body's center of gravity.
  3. Is there anybody know what is the Bias option in CMOTION's Pose tab used for? I have tried it in many ways, but doesn't see the difference.