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  1. Nevermind guys! I forgot that I could turn off the edges and get the desired effect.
  2. Hi all! I'm in a pinch and need some knowledge. I sculpted a character in zBrush and exported to an OBJ. I loaded that OBJ into C4D and realized that my textures had slipped. I modified the texture, but I need to do some fine tuning on the model. I'm trying to hide the polygon "grid overlay" on a mesh while maintaining the ability to see the object texture, minus the polygon grid. Any ideas?
  3. So simple that I feel silly not thinking of it! Thanks so much!!!
  4. Hi guys! I'm trying to find a means to modify the luminance of a material that has a glow, but as if it were "sweeping" from one side to the other and only in a defined area. Basically, I'b like to create a neon light that appears to have a singular "swipe" of light that has boosted luminance values as the glow moves. Any ideas?
  5. Speaking with the client at the moment. MORE effin' changes!!! I'll try to capture a video of the tool in action and post it tomorrow.
  6. I meant the geometry loop knife, NOT in sculpt mode. Sorry. It's working fine again after a reinstall of the r20 update. Basically, I select the geometry that I want to subdivide, choose the loop/path cut knife, set it for selected only and cut the polys in loops. The cuts appear on both sides now. Before, when I would select the polys and use the subdivide tool, the rig was going to hell because there was no mapping for the new polys, but with the loop tool, it simply cuts the geometry in half and maintains the weighting. I've got to get back to it now. Thanks so much!
  7. Believe me, I've got the order of operations down, but my client couldn't care less. For some reason, the knife tool in the sculpt mode is NOW cutting loops symmetrically. I might need to reinstall the update for r20, because I'm getting all kinds of weird quirks. Thanks so much!
  8. So, the loop cut tool in r18 wasn't supposed to do what it did? I'll look through my literature, but I'm positive that it worked with both the sculpting knife and the loop knife tool. I'm from the zBrush world, but have come to love C4D for it's mograph and animation tools. The inability to slice a perfectly symmetrical model created from a symmetry object to the mirrored portion of that model, but then optimized to make a unified object...the cut tool doesn't appear to be capable of the very thing that I had come to depend on.
  9. Unfortunately, the scene file is nearly 450MB with the mesh as it is. Basically, what I could do in r18, I cannot in r20. I selected the polygons that require a cut to effectively subdivide the polygons within the hands of a character. When I select the "loop or path cut" tool, I can slice one hand along a path within the selected polys, but the cut doesn't appear on the mirrored portion of the model. This is not a symmetry object created with half of an object with the symmetry modifier, but instead and model that was build with symmetry and optimized to create a singular model.
  10. Hello all! I've got a rigged model set to animate that requires a bit more subdivision in a specific area (namely the hands) to smooth out aberrations in the mesh when bending a joint. In r18 (my previous version before the update), I could select the knife tool and cut on BOTH hands of a symmetrical body, but it appears to no longer exist in r20. If that is the case, how would I go about creating a cut on one hand and have it apply to both hands of the symmetrical object? THANKS!
  11. Thanks so much for the reply. For some reason, when I turned OFF the character rig and turned it back on....everything was back to normal. I've not idea what happened...but I'm back at it! Thanks!
  12. I just noticed that I'm also unable to move or rotate any of my character controls. This has GOT to be a simple thing...but I cannot figure it out.
  13. Hi all! I'm asking this here as it seems like something very basic. I've read 10 or so posts that offer a few good ideas, but I'm in a tight spot and cannot figure it out. I am building a character for animation. The mouth is controlled by pose morph and works perfectly, but when I keyframe an object..let's say a null object and record motion keyframes. The animation of those keyframes appears to have been turned off. I've got "use animation" checked...and everything was working fine...but I think that my cat disabled something...and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how make those animated keyframes appear in the viewport.
  14. Sorry that I didn't get back sooner. I didn't get an email alert. Anyway, I ended up simply building an xpresso control interface and hiding the entire hierarchy. Took two days...but it's an even better solution than I had in mind. Thanks so much for the time!
  15. Thanks for the help! That's what I'd like to do, but I can only assign each object to a single layer. I'm trying to group objects so that I can select only those segments that need to be modified and hide those objects so that they cannot be directly selected in the hierarchy, and unfortunately, a single controller needs to be linked to two separate groups. I seem to recall there being a feebie plugin that used to do this, but I cannot find it at the moment either. I think that I'm kind of screwed. R20...which I upgraded to when MAXON had the pre-release upgrade "sale" doesn't appear to use my old method.
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