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  1. Hi ALL! I'm working on a dynamic simulation involving a cape that is cloth belted to the character's shoulders, but upon animating a new start position, the cape on my character starts with the arm through the cape...and because the start point for the cape needs to retain the starting point, I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to allow that one segment to pass through without keyframing the dynamic cloth object activity. I've attached a photo for reference. Is there a better way? THANK YOU!!!
  2. I'm trying to constrain and object base to the floor while allowing top to move with parent object? Picture a microphone where the base can lean, but not move and the microphone is licked to a null in the hand controller. I've been trying to use a clamp constraint and even used a parenting constraint to lock the base to a null....but it keeps lifting off the floor with the motion of the controlling hand target. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all! I've built a helmet that has roughly 6 separate parts, two of which are symmetry objects since they animate symmetricly. Is there a way to define and set multiple objects start and end animations, and then link those start and end pieces to a single user data slider? I apologize if this has been asked before, but I cannot find a reference to this exact action. THANKS! PS - I did get close to what I wanted with a pose morph tag, but I am looking for a way to have functionality and control for each sub object so that I can define the delay of parts that must animate prior t
  4. Nevermind guys! I forgot to add the effector to the child Motext! That's what happens when you work for 22 hours straight!
  5. Hi guys! I have two lines of simple Motext that used a PLAIN and DELAY effector to animate text, but now I need to duplicate that text layer, add some girth and have the child Motext object flow into place. I thought that I could just copy and paste it as a child of the main Motext...but that doesn't appear to work because my child objects appear without prior to any movement using the BOX FIELD. Can this be done without creating an entirely new animation?
  6. Thanks so very much! I suppose that EverFresh has a plugin or created some kind of script, because in his tutorial on general sculpting of stylized characters, he uses a hotkey to repeat the function...but I can't spend any more cash without my wife kicking me out! I'll try your method and see if I can get this done! Thank you!
  7. Hi guys! I'm finally getting the sculpting tools a ride. I've been a zBrush sculptor for almost two years and I honestly cannot say anything bad about zBrush...BUT, I'm hoping to find a use for the C4D sculpting tools....more as a finishing tool set to smooth and add some simple surface tone instead of using them as my core sculpting set. That said, I keep utilizing zBrush shortcuts/hotkeys and think that I may go ahead and remap ALL of the sculpting functions to keys that are easiest for me to recall on the fly, so... I'm looking for a "repeat last function/stroke" for C4D. In zBrush, w
  8. Okay, I got my way to work. Here's how I did it. 1.) I load my audio file into Sound Forge. 2.) I create a cloned track and save it as "FreqRangeController" 3.) I create simple tones at 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz, 5kHz, 6kHz, 7kHz, 8kHz, 9kHz, 10kHz, 11kHz and 12kHz 4.) I associate a phonetic sound (A, E, I, O, U, etc) and save those simple tones with the sound range that they are assigned 5.) I playback the audio file that I wish to animate my pose morph to and create markers at every peak in the sound file 6.) I lay an edit track over the original file, copy the simple
  9. Hi guys! First, THANK YOU so very much for helping get this far. I'm learning something new every day! Ok, I'm trying to do a lip sync for a character, but I'd like to set it up for simplicity. I've created pose morphs for all of the phonic sounds and started to use another method, BUT...I'm now trying to use some manner of driver so that the pose morph intensity is activated by a certain sound range. In other words, I'll take my original voiceover, edit it to my liking in my audio software and create "blip tones" within a certain range to control the pose morph that was made for each pho
  10. I've tried using the bolt in cloner, as an instance and as a duplicate, but I cannot get the bolts to scale up from -1 to +1 while twisting into a predefined location in a sequence without keyframing. I have built a path and adhered the instances to a path and tried every manner of cloning, but they simply will not go in as a sequential action as I had hoped.
  11. Hello again all! I'm trying to get a handle on how to make this happen, but it absolutely eludes me at the moment. I have a box that is keyframed to flow into a scene at a specific point. I'm trying to use my plain effector coupled with the delay effector to have a row of bolts scale up out of nothing to screw-in around the perimeter of the box in a sequence....but the bolt refuses to cooperate. Is there a way to do this with effectors, or is this going to be an xpresso build? Think of a piece of wood that simply has a row of bolts that scale up to the correct size, move toward the wood a
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