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  1. Ok so I got it to work now. Thank you very much! The solution if anybody is having the same problem: https://imgur.com/ABKvmb6
  2. I've tried that, but then that erase my displacement or bump image. I'm trying to make the background look like paper (with displacement and bump channels), and having the letter be scribbled and filled in with color.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to fill in some color in my displacement texture on Octane, but I don't really know how to do it. I've attached an image of my setup here below: https://imgur.com/9vJ5phX So I have an image on my displacement and I would like to fill in some black color on the letter P. I got some reference from a video (Toros Kose, Pausfest video) where he creates this effect very well. https://imgur.com/fF4GvJ3 - The lines on the right. https://imgur.com/LU5svIl - Pausfest text in the middle. Does anybody know how to fill in color in my displacement image? Thank you! Regards, Pontus
  4. Solved it. Apperently I didn't have the latest update download and installed. Once I did, it works fine. But thanks for taking your time to help me!
  5. Hello, Absolutely, will add it right away.
  6. Hello, I have this problem when I do manual tracking in C4D. Whenever I uncheck the solved camera view and go outside and then back, I then can't place any manual tracks. So basically, if I accidently click the solved camera button and go out from my camera tracking view, and then back, then the manual tracking doesnt work anymore. I don't now if this is a bug I have or if there is any possible solution to it. Thank you!



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