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  1. Thanks @jedthis kinda works but how about arcs? actually i had this issue for a long time. how can we shape the deformer as we like? maybe i need to deform a complex mesh. but deformers are always cubic... which deformer you used here? so basically can we make it like a tube then get better result?
  2. @jed dude another issue. how to reduce the width of the painted area only in parts of the spline ??? Thanks
  3. hey guys. good day. as you see in the picture i used align to spline to move the car. also used same spline and sweep to make paint like blue trail. so what if i want to exclude a little of the beginning of the spline and not to paint it (the red circle)? i tried change start point of sweep but it wont sync with the car speed :/ any idea? thanks ☺ issue.rar
  4. @HSrdelic oh common show me a better way :p i already asked this before in old posts and you replied, but i could not understand :)) please make a simple setup for me ^^
  5. @HSrdelic yea thanks. it seems thats a good way. but a question. is that suppose to be so hard? i mean some very complex things in c4d can be done easy with a good setup. but how such simple animate can be such a big deal? is not it weird?
  6. hey guys. this is probably easy one for you. i got this stupid tree like objects. i want to animate it emerging from ground. so put the bend on the ground and trunk can bend 2 times nicely. but as we need to animate the group it also bends the platonic object. how can make a better grouping or make bend not affecting the other object? we can make the head with cloned objects then bend wont affect it. but its not good as we cant make a good shape... also tried constraint tag and could not get proper result. then there is a restriction tag based on UV or point selection which also could not get a good result. I think screen shot is clear but attached the scene anyway also. thanks guys ^^ issue.c4d
  7. @danijelk hey very good simple way. thanks, man. GI was killing me for a simple scene. can u explain more about differences of this setup and GI? which thing we lose instead? how make it even better?
  8. yes man. in any case it continues. should be only rendering image sequences.
  9. @HSrdelic so we keyframe bend deformer, and clone it? you mean this right?
  10. hello guys. here is a little video where trees grow and its very cool. I used mospline to grow things. but for this, I'm not sure where to begin. maybe its just working with bend deformer? I tried some ways I knew. but could not get it right. Thanks for the help. issue.mp4
  11. hey guys. you see these beautiful shingles? I could make them with cloning some different looking meshes. but it was a time-consuming job making those shapes. I used ffd on meshes. also tried the lwcad plugin which is awesome but still could not get this result. finally there was a cool way for manipulating deformers properties by xpresso and yet I'm not sure which deformer can get the result. maybe you guys know better solutions to make a bunch of cubic shapes with different looks? Thanks
  12. just change the material to see if it gets fixed. if u used illuminate channel i dont blv you can exclude anything. thats just lit always
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