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  1. oh ok thanks m8. i look into it ^^
  2. @bezo hey man nice to see you. here it seems everything is fine... idk :/ why would always have problems with everything. i think i fixed over 100 serious problems in c4d and yet still goes on. btw as i found you now, please take a look here, i think you know the answer to my another issue (last question): https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/19/869431
  3. hey guys. this happens sometimes. some objects becomes red, then extreme lag and low fps. in this case when i activate reflectance it happened and if i uncheck it its fine. . but i remember when i used soft box before it happens also. so is it familiar for you guys? i have hardware render activated in openGl options if it helps :/ PS: this reminds me something funny: i drove my car to technical support and ask them to see why the steering wheel makes so much noise when driving, he replied turn up the music. hope you guys never tell me about not using reflectance :)) issue.c4d
  4. Didar

    Global Illumination Alternative?

    @danijelk hey very good simple way. thanks, man. GI was killing me for a simple scene. can u explain more about differences of this setup and GI? which thing we lose instead? how make it even better?
  5. yes man. in any case it continues. should be only rendering image sequences.
  6. @HSrdelic so we keyframe bend deformer, and clone it? you mean this right?
  7. hello guys. here is a little video where trees grow and its very cool. I used mospline to grow things. but for this, I'm not sure where to begin. maybe its just working with bend deformer? I tried some ways I knew. but could not get it right. Thanks for the help. issue.mp4
  8. oh cool. I get it. thanks for the help man
  9. hey guys. you see these beautiful shingles? I could make them with cloning some different looking meshes. but it was a time-consuming job making those shapes. I used ffd on meshes. also tried the lwcad plugin which is awesome but still could not get this result. finally there was a cool way for manipulating deformers properties by xpresso and yet I'm not sure which deformer can get the result. maybe you guys know better solutions to make a bunch of cubic shapes with different looks? Thanks
  10. just change the material to see if it gets fixed. if u used illuminate channel i dont blv you can exclude anything. thats just lit always
  11. @StCanas well thats so much real... i needed real enough for low poly scene. what do you think? im not very familiar with realflow. i used standalone before but not recently. now we have a complete plugin inside c4d . the plugin is good enough?
  12. hello guys. i want to render a good looking image where a motorcycle crashed and jammed into a bus. i think softbody is a good idea. could get some good renders but i think i miss some parameters to make it better, can you guys help solve this? also, i lose good textures and could not figure out what to do. c4d file attached. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/bylkd2lcx7vcj5x/crash.rar?dl=0
  13. you mean in middle, we turn off the first one and play the second animation?
  14. hey everyone. I was wondering what is the best way to emerge something from sea. I made this setup, it's kinda fun but not very realistic. so how do you think about more relaistic approach and also cool animation? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys. @CApruzzese it was same result as soft body. till reaching object wont do any changes. @Qoph yea that seems nice solution. i tried that time but i could not figure out what kinda thing should put there. cause its a collision and makes the sheet polygons crazy and mess it up. how you managed to do that?