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  1. Hello everyone. sorry for the long post. I need some general tips about 2d/3d workflow. we are working on a project now and we have decided to create all the background and objects in C4D and all the characters in Moho. the main issue is compositing them. our characters don't have any interactions with the environment and its objects. they are just there and just walking around. should we simply render our C4D scene and then composite the characters and their animations using AfterEffects? or we should somehow import our characters to C4D and finish everything there? like what this guy did: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mohocharacteranimators/permalink/1127998717544752/ I know it depends on whether we want our character to interact with the 3D scene or not. but if you could write your general ideas and opinions and 2D/3D animations, that would be great. also the other question, there are lots of tutorials on the internet where people render a photo and then paint it inside Photoshop to make it look better. but I never saw anyone do that on a rendered animation. they all work on a single frame. any workflow for painting over those many frames? something that is not requires painting thousand of frames to finish the job? Thanks
  2. Well, you always have something in your sleeves how did you brought that n-size slider in the viewport? never saw such concept before... can you explain please?
  3. thanks man. but is not it still a long process? using set selection tag can be faster...
  4. Hi. so here is a simple setup guys. bunch of extruded splines and lots of houses cloned on their surfaces. is there anyway to tell the cloner to not clone near edges? I would use set selection or mograph selection tag but in case there are too many items what can we do? maybe create duplicate shrinked and invisible surfaces ?? thanks
  5. as Deck says, you need to draw the logo with splines either in C4D or in illustrator.
  6. So Cerbera, we have 2 options here. either low-poly or high-poly. I thought low-poly is always good looking, funny and more stylized for many animations. but I can also not choose that for the current work. here is what I got from sculpt: the question is not about selection anymore, I guess... first we select with the method Bezo provided and then easily apply the sculpt tool. it seems fine to me. but A- do you think it is a good method? or we have better options? B- if that is a good way to do it, can we make that a bit more automatic and faster? imagine we have a very large plane with nested rivers and everything. we need to do this over those many rivers and should even use smaller brushes for little branches. should I do all these manually? or maybe some tool can come in hand? Thanks
  7. well, I am not good with characters at all... I guess that is the only thing that I never looked at in C4D. rigging seems scary for me
  8. damn... how you know everything Bezo :)) Thanks man
  9. So can we combine them and then achieve this selection?
  10. Thanks Cerbera. so you are saying I should not do this as some rivers with displacement for a good looking low poly map? I guess I can just select some polygons and put my grass, right? what it has to do with those different topology you are saying?
  11. Hello guys. so I have this simple scene. imagine that is a river over a terrain. so how can I select only those landscape polygons where there is no river? so I can put grass for example. can we somehow do this without manually selecting the polygons in top view? maybe a faster and more precise method? because in large scenes with many objects this can take a lot of time. thanks. test.c4d
  12. You're welcome. maybe like this? Just connect objects+delete and drag the section tag to the new object
  13. hey man. I hope he picks you. but I have a question. I saw that flying super hero in your reel and that was exactly the thing I am looking for for the past days. I am working on a project and I need some kinda flying superhero just like that. is that inside C4D? can you explain or maybe a scene file? Thanks in advance
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