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  1. Thank you. there is also another issue. I tried tweaking many things. but IDK why I have this weird black theme inside my hairs. I tried to remove the shadows by compositing tag which led to a very bright pattern and things won't be good that way. you see the issue is more apparent from the distance. it does not look good. hairs are good from side but not from front. anything you have in mind to solve this? sorry today I really had much troubles for you.
  2. That looks really good. would you please also send the file? yea I was using a different version about a year ago and I was inactive till now that I felt I should get back to C4D. I will update it. Thanks much for the helps
  3. Oh I just saw this. I could not understand exactly what you mean. is there another way to create my custom font? because I even thought of making my own font with other different applications for windows, so after that I can use that fond in c4D and moText and everything... but I am not sure if it works and if it will be subdivided like other fonts. but it seems you are proposing another way here which I could not understand...did you make all this by yourself? from polygons? it should be hard...
  4. Thanks for the detailed answer. I always learn way too much from you guys and it is really enjoyable ^^ I have uploaded a sample project here. would you please take a look at that? it is 2 millions of furs and that seems good with that. but with lower amount I get bad and uneven results. is it normal to use this many? or did I do something wrong? test.c4d
  5. Thanks much This actually helped. IDK why I did not take a look at these options before. So another question. I should try to even all the grids right? even a bit of differences can be effective in final render of fur I guess... anyway this was a good help. but when we can use this fast method with splines why we do SDS modeling? I guess the main reason is a very precise results of SDS and splines are always kinda not precise right? so can we say in usual curves which there is no special geometry we can simply use splines?
  6. Thanks. well it is a general question for any types of modelings with splines. in this particular case say this is my text: we surely don't have this font and I need a duplicate model. so did I start correctly using the splines?
  7. Hello guys. kind of newbie question here. I have a picture of a special text and I want to model it. so I set that on the background of my front view and started using splines and when finished extrude. till now everything is fine and there is a good render. to go further say we need to put fur on the model. since there are no standard subdivisions we clearly won't get a nice fur over the text. also we don't have the font of that special text so we can use Mo-text for a good subdivision. should we absolutely put lots of time and try to create subdivisions with line cut tool on that curvy weird text to make the fur work? I tried for a letter and even with a bit of wrong subdividing, the furs would look bad. so what are the best and also fast ways for these situations. I really like the way of using splines to create models because it is fast and precise. but at the end we stuck like this. Thanks ^^
  8. Thanks @jedthis kinda works but how about arcs? actually i had this issue for a long time. how can we shape the deformer as we like? maybe i need to deform a complex mesh. but deformers are always cubic... which deformer you used here? so basically can we make it like a tube then get better result?
  9. @jed dude another issue. how to reduce the width of the painted area only in parts of the spline ??? Thanks
  10. hey guys. good day. as you see in the picture i used align to spline to move the car. also used same spline and sweep to make paint like blue trail. so what if i want to exclude a little of the beginning of the spline and not to paint it (the red circle)? i tried change start point of sweep but it wont sync with the car speed :/ any idea? thanks ☺ issue.rar
  11. @HSrdelic oh common show me a better way :p i already asked this before in old posts and you replied, but i could not understand :)) please make a simple setup for me ^^
  12. @HSrdelic yea thanks. it seems thats a good way. but a question. is that suppose to be so hard? i mean some very complex things in c4d can be done easy with a good setup. but how such simple animate can be such a big deal? is not it weird?
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