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  1. Well, I currently have 2 laptops in home which is connected to my network and I use them in that way. I don't even look at the screen. I just turn them on and Team render is ready. even before login. so just connect a monitor and do the configuration once. of course you should only hibernate the system so c4d stays open. or put the c4d in the list of startup programs
  2. Huh, I have been avoiding to use IK stuff for a long time since I should learn them. they should be easy but well a bit scary for me so I tried many other ways for that. now I probably will use Ik afterall. can you please tell me more about that hair instancing using force radius? actually I never thought of Hair instance since I am working with Arnold render and it can not render hair instances yet. are you telling me to use one object n my hair system and use force system to move it? I guess the movement should be similar to hair spline that I used and kinda unstable. oh and another question. imagine I come up with a good rig for tentacles(either ik or hair or anything), so I need to put it on the creature. I should create and skin them all together to make it good organic looking? to avoid that I used the Volume system so the connected points get melt together and it will be a good organic looking. but you are saying that is not the solution. do we have other options except create the whole creature? just to make that attached area looking good. thanks Dan
  3. Hello everybody. so I have created this setup: it seems that is a good idea for a nice tentacle. but how can we have some good controls over that? using simulation forces like Attractor can't produce a good animation. at least I could not. so what are options here? test.c4d
  4. Hi. here is a very lovely place. you will like it. welcome
  5. oh man, why did you delete the file? I actually really liked it. but still could not provide a feedback since I am trying to learn it... because it is Xpresso and I don't understand it well I was waiting for proper moment to get back to you. maybe with a few questions... sorry if it was not my good impression.
  6. Oh both are awesome. Thanks. so for clamp I see that I had to choose "Surface" for the clamp to work... there is also another experiment of mine which in my mind should work even better than all we have discussed here. a combination of Surface Deformer and Spline Wrap. I worked on it like 3 hours but still can't make it quiet right. would you please take a look when you have time? Spline Wrap+Surface deformer.c4d
  7. Well, Spotify works for me 24/7 :)) not a specific genre but, strictly it should not be fast and confusing. I need to focus on work Loreena Mckennitt is my weapon of choice haha
  8. great idea. thanks for being creative and trying to motivate people to help each other. it is certainly a big responsibility for you. I hope everything goes fine. also those members certainly deserve it (Y)
  9. So Dan, here I got a new issue. I have made that last setup with a custom rail for the surface deformer. it works fine. but I am not sure how to know the current position of my object over the surface. maybe I want to target a camera, or clamp another object to that. I could not figure it out how test.c4d
  10. Hello guys, it's been a while since I am trying to learn some kinds of organic animations. I want to create something like this immune cell. both model and animation: https://youtu.be/3sODeSWeltY?t=27 My best guess is to use a soft-body or wrapped cloth holding lots of rigid-body balls inside it and we can use an attractor or gravity to move it. or maybe pushing many rigid body balls (cloner) together? you guys probably know a lot of other better ideas. would you mind sharing them? also, what is the best way to do the tentacles? should make a proper character rig or use MoSpline and maybe hair object? I know all of them might work but in this exact example which one is better? it is going to use them to eat the food, so I guess we need somehow a precise animation and physic? Thanks
  11. Huh, nice. well, I spend like 20 minutes browsing that website and their models and still I don't know where I possibly need to use that, but it is a vast area... it should be very useful for us in future animations... thanks much m8.
  12. but that is with Collision deformer Dan. I opened your file and you used collision deformer. I checked it multiple times... can you confirm? anyway, an issue here. I can not reach this good flat shape without noises and polygon issues that causes by Collision deformer. but the Surface deformer would do the job. until I want to deform it using FFD. it was a simple sphere and the direction was not an issue. how about this? we need to point it forward as we move everywhere. IDK if this is possible with surface deformer. as for Collision deformer it should work but then I get very crazy results using even slightly "bad geometry" objects... Triangle.c4d PS: it got solved Dan, this guy here used a custom rail for the surface deformer. very smart idea: https://youtu.be/RVvLcrGDANo
  13. oh that is great. I was trying to experiment with that YouTube tutorial which was nice BTW. it seems I can get a very good result from the Surface deformer. Although I should animate it using UV sliders. by any chance you know how to map it over the spline? I have attached the file in case anyone wants to see. Thanks a ton Dan. test fixed2 like water drop.c4d

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