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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. Motorcycle Modelling

    very cool. thanks man ill try practice those things... ^_^
  2. Motorcycle Modelling

    Thanks alot man for such effort and teaching me. yea i could understand like 70% of what you said. very cool little tutorial. i started cinema 4d like 2 months. so yea lots of works to go. despite all of those things that i will try can u tell me when to use splines? for example we can have a nice curvy part with spline. we dont even need subdivision surface i guess. i guess we might get in trouble with texture right? i think it needs few years to understand which method we can use :)) anyway i will go check on Arrimus videos. i know fairly Zbrush also. we must use all software together right? can continue some parts of my models in Zbrush?
  3. hello guys, good day. i have these basic modelling problems. as u see in the image i could make the tire, now for side shields what should i do? can i use a simple spline and make a good shape as u see in the image, then extrude and bend? thats the thing in my mind. if i use this i still need to make polygons for it? anyway its seems pro modellers make this using polygon modelling. about polygon modelling i have lots of troubles. its very hard for me to make edges. apparently we can only finish the edges with triangles. but i get in troubles with them when i use subdivision surface :/ sorry for lots of questions. thanks
  4. Modelling Screw

    Thanks man. they are really cool ^^
  5. Modelling Screw

    Thanks a lot for the effort man. well I believe most of conversations are helpful. as a Persian poet says: "O brother, the story is like a measure: the real meaning in it resembles grain (in the measure). The man of intelligence will take the grain of meaning: he will not pay any regard to the measure, (even) if it is removed (altogether)." _________ so back to the screw i tried ur gif help and i got somewhere :) Thanks again ^^
  6. Modelling Screw

    Hello everybody. for past 3 hours i tried to make a good screw but yet nothing. as I know we should not use Boolean unless we have no other choices. anyway i tried subtracted a helix from my Cylinder but it slows C4D down like hell. and it was only one screw. i need tons of screws in a seen. also tried making them with cloner and splines but could not get appropriate result. also used 3 helix splines and loft them to make screw threads but failed again. I think there might be a very better and easier way that i missed :| please help guys. thanks
  7. Bulge falloff Problem

    omg yea it worked... some controls are just werid in C4D :D thanks again m8
  8. Bulge falloff Problem

    well im 30 now, hopefully can get somewhere by 40 then :)) thanks alot for effort m8 :)
  9. Bulge falloff Problem

    Well im not sure about anything :O its by Daniel Danielsson, i think u meant by DD right? thats very kind of you. thanks :) btw i have another question also. I just watch every tuts i can find on net. C4D seems too have a very vast area. Im getting confuse about what to do and which direction should i go. modelling and how to make good splines and... is a world for itself, also big material system, xpresso,dynamics, mograph, sculpting(which im wondering if it can do some of zbrush functions?) and lots of other plugings. so this is by far the most confusing 3d application i saw. should i work hard and know all of them? i mean what is professional approach? thanks ^^ animation.c4d
  10. hello guys, im not very experienced in C4D so i have this weird problem. as I followed a tutorial on making jellyfishes i came to Bulge deformer. so as you see in the image when i apply linear falloff or any other kind it wont affect my mesh. but yet strength is working fine. so what might be my problem? Thanks in advance :)