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  1. Do you think we ever need that 7 times faster in animation business? I don't play games except maybe someday WOW again... I will buy a motherboard capable of NVMe anyway but for now, do you think its important to have those memories? I guess a simple SSD would be enough right?
  2. @Rectro @DasFrodo it seems I can not buy a good GPU now. I was not thinking properly about the prices. they are really out of my budget. look at this: That TI GPU is really good, but take a look at the price. I can spend like 900$ for my whole upgrade... I currently only rely on my old CPU to render. so I guess I can use Ryzen7 for now which is a very good upgrade to my current gear (i5-4460) and can at least speed up my renders significantly. and in the near future I can buy a GPU, right? I am however more concerned about a good mobo which is the most important decision. there are
  3. Thanks well I edited my topic so guys should know that I am going to use Arnold. so do you think I should buy a good Ryzen CPU therefore better motherboard (since the motherboard is really good, in future I can upgrade other parts as I want)? how do you think is the speed of rendering a Ryzen 7 compared to an RTX one? Ryzen 7 is really fast but I guess those RTX cards can be much faster right? I never used a good GPU with C4D so I have no idea...
  4. Hello guys. for the past few days I was trying to choose a nice config mostly for animation and rendering in C4D. I was thinking to buy a good AM4 motherboard and 32GB of RAM and Ryzen 7 2700x which has 16 threads and can render the scene really fast. but then I need to buy a cheap graphic card because I won't have an onboard graphical chip with Ryzen. but there is another option also ... I can buy a medium motherboard and cheaper CPUs so I can invest on a graphic card and maybe even RTX ones. obviously I can not pay for both good GPU and a good CPU. so what do you think? PS: I might star
  5. very good use of the Voronoi fracture. thanks, guys @bezo @deck about the MoGraph I am a very big fan of it actually. I only chose C4D because of its MoGraph. but recently I am beginning to see lack of some important stuff. maybe I am wrong tho.. of course with some programming and xpresso we might achieve everything but if I guess they can implement some obvious stuff right there where everyone can easily use it about the knowledge I am sure you and bezo both would know a simple solution if there was. you guys are very experienced in this software
  6. Well that is a creative way to do so... but I wonder how C4D did not implement such important obvious things in their setting... 2 weeks ago I was struggling to choose the abundance of cloned objects over a surface and how to have like 10% of specific object and 90% of others over a surface. this increasing clones seems very necessary also. what do you think? MoGraph you were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy other 3D software, not join them...
  7. well that is defiantly a good plugin... I should look into it...
  8. Well Cerbera we have different versions on different machines in our studio... also did not have time to update them. that is why I sometimes use r20 and sometime r21. I will start updating it. but what do you think about my current issue? thanks @deck but I can not use linear falloff to do as you say. here is a simple example as a question. originally I have a very curved spline so can not use falloffs easily for this purpose... even it is better if we can have a solution to increase them over surface of an object and not a spline
  9. Hi guys. here is a simple setup. how can we increase number of those cubes gradually along the spline? I could increase the scale using step effector but nothing come to mind about the number of them... Thanks. Mograph.c4d
  10. Bodypaint seems easy to work with. but when I used it, I got very pixelated results. you said we need very high resolution texture for that? is it because we have a long and rather big road? so how can I produce that very high resolution texture? should create a very big file in photoshop and put many seamless textures near each other? Thanks
  11. Thanks Cerbera for editing the title and put a better one. well, this does not need to be realistic at all. just a cartoony look and stylized and we don't even focus much on the road. camera moves so fast and we may barely see the road which changed in color and pattern. I want only a few last seconds of the road to be changed in color and pattern so we move into the pure jungle where I will put trees and bushes. imagine camera is on the top of a truck and we are moving fairly fast... I guess minimum effort should do the job but yet I still could not do any minimum effort
  12. Hello guys. there is a long road in a jungle looking environment. I need to have different looks at the near end of the road and create gravels and stuff there so road fade aways and we are entering jungle. I am not sure how to smoothly and gradually change the texture of the road and the environment around it and mix them with other textures or you guys might have other ideas to make it look nice? I tried putting millions of clones (rocks) there but of course, the memory would not let me. I tried bp UV edit and I get very pixelated textures no matter which options I changed.. so it's v
  13. Well, thank you Bezo you really put time on this post. the funny thing was that I opened the file with R19 and I was wondering why the xpresso is not working. then used r21 and it works fine. so old xpresso won't work in r21 and also otherwise?
  14. Well that is the answer man. Thanks much for the effort you put for this post
  15. Thanks both of you @deck and @bezo I can use this method for now. but please let me know if you found an update for this
  16. Hello guys. here is a basic Mo-graph question I guess. is there anyway that we can choose a percentage for these objects? like 5% of cones and 95% spheres. Thanks
  17. Hello guys. I made a swing. I don't know if I over complicated the things but here is the an image: So I want to resize my whole shape and have the animation. usually it works just to scale down, but now when I do that everything falls apart. I tried connect objects and delete and still no better result. even tried NitroBake to make keyframes of it but still not the proper result. so am I just made a horrible mistake somewhere or it suppose to be this hard to scale the swing? Thanks swing.c4d
  18. Hello everyone. sorry for the long post. I need some general tips about 2d/3d workflow. we are working on a project now and we have decided to create all the background and objects in C4D and all the characters in Moho. the main issue is compositing them. our characters don't have any interactions with the environment and its objects. they are just there and just walking around. should we simply render our C4D scene and then composite the characters and their animations using AfterEffects? or we should somehow import our characters to C4D and finish everything there? like what this guy did: ht
  19. Well, you always have something in your sleeves how did you brought that n-size slider in the viewport? never saw such concept before... can you explain please?
  20. thanks man. but is not it still a long process? using set selection tag can be faster...
  21. Hi. so here is a simple setup guys. bunch of extruded splines and lots of houses cloned on their surfaces. is there anyway to tell the cloner to not clone near edges? I would use set selection or mograph selection tag but in case there are too many items what can we do? maybe create duplicate shrinked and invisible surfaces ?? thanks
  22. as Deck says, you need to draw the logo with splines either in C4D or in illustrator.
  23. So Cerbera, we have 2 options here. either low-poly or high-poly. I thought low-poly is always good looking, funny and more stylized for many animations. but I can also not choose that for the current work. here is what I got from sculpt: the question is not about selection anymore, I guess... first we select with the method Bezo provided and then easily apply the sculpt tool. it seems fine to me. but A- do you think it is a good method? or we have better options? B- if that is a good way to do it, can we make that a bit more automatic and faster? imagine we have a very la
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