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  1. I'm having issues with the set up that you can see in the attached screenshot. I have the top pyramid object aligned to the spline, which is being spun around by the MoGraph Time Effector. I would like for the pyramid object to go along spline which it does if the Time Effector is switched off. When the Effector is switched on however the pyramid follows the path of the spline as if the spline frozen in place. Mean while the spline is rotating and I am banging my head against the table. I have tried adding an excluding tag to the Time Effector and dropping the pyramid object into it and nothing happens, I've tried placing the pyramid into a null and nesting it, I've tried placing the entire project into a null and then and having the timer on the outside. I have also tried placing the pyramid into the Sweep but no matter what I try the pyramid follows the static path of the spline and not the spline when it's on the move. Is there a way to get the pyramid to follow the spline when it's being effected by the Time Effector? Thanks,