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  1. Zinza

    Export Issue

    Hi Cerbera, As far as I know, any model has its own x-y-z coordinates inside a 3D world, so the model visualization works fine as long as its coordinates are not too far from each other :-)
  2. Zinza

    Export Issue

    Thank you for your help! BTW: Any hints on how to properly set the coordinates even if your model is a little..scattered? :-)
  3. Zinza

    Export Issue

    I guess I solved the issue. In a nutshell, I have used the Subdivide tool on that mesh many times, in order to have a better "explosion" effect. I noticed that the camera of other applications tends to increase the distance from the model (the model size is still the same).
  4. Zinza

    Export Issue

    Hi Cerbera, thank you for your quick reply. I have already tried the Current State to Object but it doesn't work. The weird thing is that the xplosion FX worked perfectly up until one hour ago, so it's likely I have changed something. I have attached a screenshot to this post.
  5. Hi everyone, I am running the version R19.024 Studio of C4D and that's the problem I came across: I have imported a simple mesh (.dae) and I have applied the Explosion FX. After I export the model to dae or obj format, I have tried to load the model in several different applications (mEshlab, Keyshot, etc) but I am not able to see anything. The file seems to be blank. I deeply appreciate help!