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  1. Curry

    FICK - BoneSystem

    Very nice! Also Interesting multi-lingual word-combination ... germans will look more closely and this bone thing has also some double meaning in english or am i wrong.. how ever..
  2. Hi guys, did anyone experienced the following bug: editing something in the python-editor in cinema (r20 edu). so - much back and forth. variable here, variable there. at some point, the global variables don't get updated, and the console throws the error " Could not find port value for 'x' in node 'y'." So, i have to close and re-open the project. after that, one can notice, that the code within the python node wasn't updated properly at some point. The workaround is that i use an external editor, to store the code and re-paste the stuff back into the node. Pretty annoying, especially when you have lot of stuff to handle... Is there some kind of bug-reporting page for cinema? didn't find anything similar in this forum, so i thought it's maybe cool to share this little problem, and maybe some of the cinema-staff is checking this site... because its definitely a classic bug.