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  1. thomburgess

    Funny feeling there is a simple answer!

    Thank god for that!
  2. thomburgess

    Funny feeling there is a simple answer!

    Does the license follow the user or the company who purchased it? If so I will have to have a look into re-licensing! And brilliant, not the super simple answer I was looking for but definitely something I can do!
  3. Hello, Recently started using C4D during some down time at work, we have a copy that our old motion graphics guy used to use however he has now left so I am having to teach myself! I have been following a few tutorials and I decided I would try and create something from scratch so I came up with a quick idea of object dropping between conveyor belts, however I wanted the objects to be soft bodies, and collide with the conveyor belts, which is where I have run into problems. Basically I have a slice of bread made up of many points and when I add a soft body tag it just goes haywire, with my lack of experience it seems to me that the tag is affecting all the points in the model, as opposed to the model as a whole (this might not be the case) does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong? I feel like it might be a really simple answer but I cant for the life of me figure it out! Picture attached to show what is happening