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  1. djiadjee

    Texture shrinks...!

    oh i just figured it out.. i had to add some edge loops to reduce the stretch :)
  2. Hi there.. i've applied a UV map to this notebook, but when Sub. Surface is ON UV shrinks, and when it's OFF UV is perfectly match I'm n00b, thanks for helping..
  3. djiadjee

    How To Model A Simple Wire Mesh ?

    it's done, and all the credit goes to you, thank you so muchh sir.. actually it's just a small part of my first project that am been busy with.. almost all the modeling part is done only texturing remaining, the real struggle is just beginning " i think " heheh.
  4. djiadjee

    How To Model A Simple Wire Mesh ?

    very well.. am going with it, if i didn't make it, i'll tell you,
  5. djiadjee

    How To Model A Simple Wire Mesh ?

    thanks man i'll give it a try right now ;)
  6. djiadjee

    How To Model A Simple Wire Mesh ?

    ok sir, i got the idea.. but i've been trying that " rounded cube " for 1 hour still couldn't get that perfect subdivision.. so if u tell me that too, i'll appreciate it so much..thanks
  7. Greetings.. I'm having a little bit of trouble with making this "Wire Mesh Pen Holder", as a beginner I've some ideas for making it, but i need a creative and a simple way that stick in my head Thanks for helping..
  8. djiadjee

    Automotive Modeling in Cinema 4D

    thanks so much for your help.. actually I've been in 3D since 2012 but not continuously, started with Softimage, and bcoz of School i went offline for almost 3 years and then i got into university, since am studying Biology i couldn't find a perfect time to combine them.. but here am in holidays and gotta do something... that's correct the techniques are quite the same, since i'm familiar with Max :)
  9. greetings fellows.. am searching for a useful vehicle modeling in cinema, that gives me a solid base for making another vehicles.. if you know any, I'll be pleased