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  1. Thanks, @jed. ... Really nice work. I hope I can be 10% of you some day! ... @bentraje. You're right! But bases are important to know. I'm learning python too... So, I found, I share! :-) ... Cheers!! ... João Marco
  2. Hello, you all. ... As I said somewhere in here, if 10% of total C4D users bought XP, then it would be very nice if Cinema integrate this plugin for 60 euros more for all to have it - with same revenue for Insidium. And it will be a total new software, as simple as this. If there is an ego situation, then, shame on them. The world will not stop. ... And, don't forget, I'll bet that the MAXON's commercial line is already thinking in a new marketing as - cof cof - SideFX: 250 euros/years an Indie license for 100.000 euros or less studios' revenues. ... If not, tell them to ask me... I'll help. :-)
  3. Volumes. Particles system. An eevee similar render. Much better and simplier unfold and texturing workflow. Smarter marketing. Friendly SideFX's prices.
  4. Hello, again. ... Very nice, mr. Where it will be shown? ... I'll travel into europe this summer... ... Please keep showing this. I'd like to see it finished and working in an exhibition ... Thanks a lot. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  5. @mcdeimon ... Hola, iberian. :-) ... Yes, Houdini, must be learned right now if you want to explode something. ... I it must be C4D's next step. Or they will lose some artists to SideFx I'm sure of that. Blender starts to grow in quality and simplicity, too. ... C4D are the best software to learn and to achieve great result fast and simple. But Those SideFX guys are not joking. They will capture lots of VFX artists for sure. ... Cheers. João Marco
  6. Thanks, @anglereserve. I've got an eye on them... ... In this video you got great stuff, too... ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  7. I want to try that. Thanks... ... João Marco
  8. @teknow ... That was great, Ron. Thanks a lot. You did use some kind of magic in there. ... But, sorry, the MultiShader does a similar job with a cloner... using only one clone and one material. I think if that is possible with the MultiShader, there must be a way. ... Looking to your xpresso web (XW for its friends) can you explain that a little better, if you have some minutes, of course. That's a great job. ... Thanks a lot. ... João Marco
  9. @anglereserve ... Thanks for that... Yes, those are great lessons... My thing here is more a artist point of view than a technical problem... I have much to train... that's for sure. ... Great launcher... great ant, by the way... you have super-modelling-skills. ... Thanks for showing that to us all. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  10. Hello, Don @teknow ... I want ten clones (but just an object child of a cloner) with ten different seeds... ... I that possible that way? ... Thanks. ... João Marco ... Something like this... in this case 15 clones with the same seed... I want 15 with different seeds.
  11. Hello, @Hrvoje! ... Well... I want a Cloner to have 10 clones, for example... I want a material with a noise texturing those clones. ... But ... I want each clone to have different noise seeds... with the index of those same clones driving that seed. ... Ex: clone indexed 0 - noise seed 0 clone indexed 1 - noise seed 1 clone indexed n - noise seed n ... As in my "Crying Floor". Those tiles with the same noises... but all with different seeds... ... Was I clear...?! I hope so... :-) ... Thanks in advance. ... João Marco
  12. Is there an xpresso way to get different noise seeds in different clones based on its index? I'm sure there is... Thanks a lot. ... João Marco
  13. Ideas? ... I think tiles should be less even... more rough...
  14. @Cerbera ... One step further...



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