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  1. I think alpha pass is always another file. Alpha is not transparent, but black and white to compose as an alpha channel. More info: https://help.MAXON.net/us/#DRENDERSETTINGS-RDATA_GROUP_SAVE ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  2. Great yang script, Don! ... You can count on me to learn and kick up some Python! Start That thread. I'll be threre. ... Mike Udin youtube channel is really great to start... well, he speaks russian but it can be very clear, although. I do not speak russian at all. ... João Marco
  3. Hello, Fandango. ... Are you looking for this? ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  4. Hello, @bobc4d. ... Well.. I didn't bring H17,5 to this forum, but that's right. Houdini is a fantastic software, with some problems at artist level, but they are working on that too. ... If topology and UI become more friendly I think most of c4d users will start to learn it. It's too much techology in one program, in the positive way. ... I've watched the SIDEFX fantastic apresentation, almost as a surprise. So many good news. I wish MAXON could awake up sooner than later. ... H18 will be even better. In October we will see that, for sure. ...
  5. Hello, Alexander. ... Yes, I'm doing that. But for me, without a learning structure, is not as easy as it should be. ... Thanks a lot for you that link and for your support. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  6. Hello, Hrvoje. ... I've checked those videos. They are great! I've seen almost all the lists. And I will. ... But that's something that is missing... ... I'll bet a course about python would be a good way to demonstrate the full C4D potential beyond menus and mograph. A good move by MAXON that could start this road. ... Sometimes I dive into code... but without lessons all become slow and most of the times confusing or not deep enough.
  7. Hello, Coffee Lovers. ... Where can we get a nice Course/tutorials... or good readings about Python in Cinema 4D? ... Something that we could learn and understand in a not so steep curve. ... Thanks in advance. ... João Marco
  8. It's a Unity matter?!
  9. Hello. ... It as to be with sketch shading? ... What about some Sweeping? ... Cheers. ... João Marco ...
  10. I mean this project, as the image I posted of it. Not all your work. :-) ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  11. Hello, Don. ... Great work. And you offer us a file with your project. That's amazing. Thanks a lot. ... What @Hrvoje means is that it was really nice if we could see a glimpse of your work, I think. ... Keep working on that... I'm waiting for more. ... Cheers. ... João Marco ... Teknow's project:
  12. Hello. ... Why don't you use only One camera with different positions in a 100 frames animation? ... Or you can use the cloner in the de surface of a sphere in conjuction with the target tag to point to the desired subject. Your object would Stay in the center of that sphere. ... Cheers. ... JoãoMarco
  13. What is your reference image? The smoothness is one of the last steps.
  14. Great Plugin - Houdini like. ... Yes, selecting in a previous fase it's much much simplier. But we don't know why. Maybe that was not possible. ... João Marco
  15. I'm following that since its begining. :-) ... Thanks for that too. ... João Marco
  16. Hello, John. ... I don't have my CINEMA with me... but I'll give you some ideas, you can try those, to see if some can fit: ... A - you can try the loop Selection (U-L shortcut) 10 times each with the shift pressed. ... B - With the move tool, double click to select one row at a time, 10 with shift pressed. ... C - The easiest (if possible in your mesh): in the side view, if your mesh isn't plane as it seems not, with the select tool , select "Only Select Visible Elements" and select 10 rows... or get the live selection bigger and select 10 rows with one c
  17. Great, Marian! Don't forget to post here your final work. Not just this but the complete work. :-) If you can, of course... I'd like to see it! ... Thanks, Cerbera. It gives me a new point of view! You are a great modeller. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  18. ¡Hola! ... I don't know if I understood your question, but you can select your camera A and create the start and end keyframes. Make the same to B and C cameras. If your cameras have several keyframes, you can use nulls, instead, just with those start and end points. ... Then you can select the camera you want to - or the null - and use the Animation Palette to reach those frames (start or end) only with a click - using the blue areas of the image. To know more about it, follow this link. https://help.MAXON.net/#10594 ... Cheers.
  19. Great. I'm on the front seat.
  20. Hello. ... I love Cinema, first of all, I must say. I agree with @Fastbee when he says that sidefx has the best price system. It does. Three plataforms, different only in the backstage: the file system. For users there is no difference than in the apprendice final render. Indie costs 400 euros for two years. 4000 euros for 20 years, if your revenue is under 100.000€, which is natural - if you work alone and you are starting a new live. Of course you can buy the full version if you earn more than that. That is not the central point in this thread, I think. Cinema s
  21. I agree. I like c4d for its simplicity. But it starts to Stay behind competition in features and in price politics. ... It's urgent for MAXON to listen. ... João Marco
  22. @Cerbera, do you have tuts online...? I'd love to learn some more on topology. ... Thanks in advance. ... João Marco


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