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  1. Welcome, Nate. I'm glad that you like it. This is an exercice I didn't found in the web... So I made one just for us all. :-) ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  2. I've researching about it... in the C4DCafe´s grocery store :-) and I found that @3DKiwi did some work with MIDI files some years ago... Sorry to bother you, 3D Kiwi, but maybe you can help. ... Thanks. ... João Marco
  3. Wow! Very organic! Seems like an actual living thing! Goog lights! Good material selection! ... Keep it rollin'! ... João Marco
  4. Very, very nice. Are you going to animate it? ... João Marco
  5. Boas, @António Florença :-) ... Which is your ideia? Using music as source for graphic design? Or Using midi devices for controling CINEMA? ... As I think you mean the first one: I don't know... but I found this in Youtube... maybe there is hope. :-) ... João Marco ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVhs3YD_wOI
  6. You want to animate or displace part of a plane? Is that it?
  7. Really well done, Mister @jed :-) ... Congrats.
  8. jmarco

    dark objects

    Or maybe this... ... João Marco ...
  9. Hello, @jed, @hammondchips ... What if changing your condition node for a Math node, as in the image? ... It will continues to diminish the height value. ... João Marco
  10. @natevplas ... Yes, I'll agree with that. 10% - 60 euros more in a 3500 euros universe is not a big problem. ... But, talking about prices, maybe MAXON could made a subscription as SideFX does. Not all of us here, are making lots of money with C4D. Indie version is $399 USD if revenue under $100K USD for a two years rental. ... I've send a mail asking for something like that in last July. Well, now I've got a better educational license. It's a fine step in a better direction. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  11. jmarco


    welcome, @brzezinski
  12. You got several points there, Mike. I must agree with you in all those aspects. ... XP could be included in C4D. We all win with that. I bet one in one hundred C4D users have XP. If so, for 100 users XP cost only 6 euros more in a C4D rent, upgrade or buy. ... That was a really good way to put things... but I'll bet I am forget something in my math... ... Cheers, @mikeh ... João Marco
  13. Hello, Vincent. :-) ... Yes, I've made tests with TP and they're good to exercice your brain. But you need to mount a castle in Xpresso, although results are nice, their realism are nowhere near Vue's or Houdini's. ... And plugins... well plugins can be expensive. ... Cheers. ... Great Dog & Weasel, by the way. Keep it rollin', @CApruzzese ... João Marco
  14. jmarco


    Hello. ... Please do some research... :-) Two clicks away - 10 secs later. ... https://artfulphysics.com/ ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  15. Yes. Like Cerbera shows... or in a simplier way, just with the Bulge Deformer. ... João Marco ...
  16. Not me. :-) I love Houdini stuff!
  17. Hello, @Fastbee. ... Yes, we all know that. But XP are more than 600 euros away... and Houdini - which I like a lot - is no so easy as CINEMA, although is always good to learn. ... That said, C4D with those new things more would be a winner - bigger, better and simplier. ... I understand your words, but if you take a closer look, motion graphics artists will be more than happy. A new dimension would arise. ... It's just dreaming, but, hey, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? :-) ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  18. Sorry about that. I was in my old computer with a R19 demo. Now I'm on my new laptop... :-) ... Here. It works again. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  19. Hello, Michael. ... It works. If that's what you want... I'm adding a file for you to take a look. ... Cheers. ... João Marco File :-) 123.c4d
  20. WOW! Thanks H.R.Giger... I mean H.R.Voje... :-) You are an artist! ... João Marco
  21. I was talking within my brain... how could that escape...?! :-) ... Hello, Nate. Hey, who knows. Maybe someone read it and make us a surprise. I'm aware of those plugins. ... Just a dream, then. ... Thanks. :-) ... João Marco
  22. Simple, but complex-really-nice render. ... I like that translucent material a lot. Shadows suggest an immersive taste of something more is going to happen. ... Thanks for this.
  23. Hello, you all. ... I have a simple question. :-) ... Is there a possiblity, even if small, to get fluids, smoke, fire, volumes in general in Cinema 4D sooner than later? That should blow up 3D community... Cinema is an example in how easy is to think 3D. I guess you guys already thought about it, of course. This is not an if question, but when should we all play with explosion as a mograph object? Can we have a clue? ... :-) ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  24. I don't know. But if you play a bit with a colorizer as texture in the color channel with a noise as texture, you'll get there. ... Cheers. ... João Marco


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