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  1. This guys, the GSGorilla team, have an example in how to deal with something like it. ... That's not exactly what you asked but it can help if seen in a different angle. ... What is the correct workflow for doing Depth of Field and Motion Blur in After Effects? Cuz when I use the z-pass I get this odd fringing in AE and the vector pass is confusing. ... I hope it helps. ... João Marco
  2. Very Nice. Great tuts. Xpresso is the way to go. ... I must start make some too... Another day... Maybe. ... Keep up your great great work. ... João Marco
  3. Not yet. But this house is surrounded by ugly 90's architecture. ... Colors are as 100 years ago, when it was finished. ... Thanks for your comment. C4D Physical render. ... João Marco
  4. Hello, again, Strophe. ... It's animation. It turns black, because night arrives. ... If you take a look at the clock in time and location tab you will notice that.
  5. Yes, of course. I was repporting only to this example, as asked. ... The tri-plannar thread is really nice.
  6. Yes, that's right, CBR. But with noises it shows up properly. My example is in cubic projection. Doesn't have seams.
  7. You could send the file only with physical sky on it. Maybe that was simplier to think about. ...
  8. Some keyframe... maybe. or Xpresso. Driver-driven. ...
  9. Hello. ... One of my city's old houses... History to be erased forever... sooner or later. ... I hope you like it! ... Thanks. João Marco ... https://www.google.pt/maps/@37.035773,-7.8337452,3a,75y,131.05h,105.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shDNkPqyMJwaU0T_MekbTYQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?authuser=1
  10. jmarco

    size issue

    I don't know if is this you want. but... ... . Make editable . put the result under a connect object . in object manager: right click on object, select children then right click connect objects and delete . select upper loop, down loop, and the polygon you want to preserve dimensions . invert selection . right click on object in the viewport . Normal scale. ... If so, that's it! ... João Marco
  11. Mine with noise. No apparent seams. That's maybe because noise produces a seamless image, but not sure about it. Tests will be necessary. ... First image with bump and displacement, second bump only. ... Cheers.
  12. About that in a last year-similar-problem-edition. ... :-)
  13. Yes. That's it. Point cache tag. Export Alembric. I've try it on your file. And it works. But you need to apply current state to object in the cloner. Then to that result -> connect objs and delete. Apply Displacer under that new object alone. Then in that object use points cache tag. ... That's it. Export.
  14. Side view. Points. Select. Delete. ... This is for eliminate the pool's floor. If I undersatnd well.
  15. Thanks. :-) ... 10 points. Then I've deleted the the intermediary ones, making the outside structure. ... Inside points were given by Lathe.
  16. A Star spline with lathe. ... Current State to Object. Half cutted vertically. ... All point to same Z position - now is a plane :-). With polygon pen rearrange points as in client model. ... Created a Sphere and projected my plane in it. Deleted the Sphere. ... Then I've duplicated the new hemisphere and rotated 180º - connect object and delete. ... Atom array, camera, focus, physical, mat: plane with fresnel, client model with some kind of fresnel in color. ... Not as I wanted, but very close. That was a very nice exercice.
  17. That's it, Cerbera. Art doesn't need to wait anymore. :-) Fast n'serious. :-)
  18. Welcome and thanks, Mike. ... Sharing is the best. ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  19. Thanks, TekHow. I really apreciate your words. ... Yes, please: use it! ... A new world is waiting for us all. ... João Marco
  20. Hello, Havealot. ... Thanks for your words. Noises should be known. ... Yes, I know Potocnik's super work. My workbook, although, is only about simple noises, as I say in the introduction, somewhere. Layering is an infinite job. ... Using one noise: 32x20 possibilities= 600 pages. ... Using two noises in some kind of combination: 32x32x20 possibilities = 20 480 pages ... Three noises... 32x32x32x20 possibilities = 655 360 pages.... ... And that was never enough... If you take a deep look at that video you post - as yo


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