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  1. Hello, Cerbera. ... Thanks for your kind words. Well, I wish I could. :-) But, hey, who knows? ... I think noises deserve a whole new world. :-) ... Thanks for my first point... ;-) ... João Marco
  2. Thanks, VHelix. ... I'm glad you like it. I hope many can use it. Thanks for your great feedback. ... Cheers. ... JMarco
  3. I'll be here looking through youtube, waiting for you to show up. ... If I learn something in C4D was from guys like you. Thanks for everything. Keep up your excelent work, making this world a better place. ... João Marco
  4. Hello, you all! ... Noises are not easy to understand at first sight. Al least, no for me. I needed to train that. I've done hundreds of exercices and now I think I can speak maybe a little of this noisy language, voices of an infinite world. After some work, nothing was the same, again. Noises are 3D artists best friends for modeling, for texture, for animating, for every level, even for pleasure - I can watch them for hours. I've learned for free and for hours, for years, in this chair. Watching videos in youtube, in cineversity, in vimeo. Now I want to share my workbook


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