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  1. wgibbons

    C4D Studio R19 For Sale - Price Dropped

    This license is no longer available. Sorry. Thanks for looking.
  2. wgibbons

    C4D Studio R19 For Sale - Price Dropped

    First time doing this. Thanks @digitvisions . As it turns out that MSA isn't transferable, so I've updated the listing and reduced the price.
  3. Hi everyone, I made a knee-jerk reaction and bought a license of C4D Studio R19 from NovEdge software reseller 3 weeks ago. Turns out with my work travel schedule, I don't have time to learn another software and would like to sell my license to someone who can use it. The transfer will go though MAXON's system to ensure you're receiving a legitimate key and product. For sale is the latest and greatest C4D Studio R19 License I'm looking to sell this and transfer the license through MAXON (I'll pay transfer fee of $250) to you for $2,200. USD DM me with questions and thanks for looking.