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  1. Cerbera, Brother if you convince MAXON to do that I would owe you several beers. Cheers!
  2. Cerbera, That is tantalizingly close but not quite. If the edges only have one face then that method works because the normals don't change, but if the edges have two faces the normals change as you move the edges. Cinema 4D R21.115 (RC) - [Untitled 4 _] - Main 2020-01-22 13-51-24_Trim.mp4
  3. Cerbera, I appreciate the reply. Alas, "Along Normals" isn't quite what I was thinking of. It doesn't have to do with normals but rather the adjoining edge(s). Example: select a vertex and now if you imagine one of the adjoining edges is made infinitely long and being able to slide that vertex along that infinite edge. I don't have access to a license of CATIA currently; otherwise, I would upload a video of what I'm talking about. I've never seen a similar tool in other subd programs, but once you use it it's hard to go without.
  4. I've been using C4D for 18 months now and while enjoy it, there are a few features I miss from other tools. I used CATIA in my last job, and I really miss the "translate along mesh lines" tool. It's similar to the slide tool, but it allows you to translate multiple vertices along infinite edges (see attached image). It's extremely useful when you're trying to tighten up a radius without disturbing the surrounding surfaces. Is there a tool within C4D that can do this that I'm not aware of? I currently move each vertex individually by snapping the axis to the neighboring vertex and using the scale tool to move the vertex along that edge. Thanks in advance!
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