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  1. How do you think they will have any subscribers if the perpetual upgrade would cost less annually than the annual subscription plan?
  2. Industry changing, for better or for worse? I have never made a post here but as a frequent forum reader a Studio owner and a MSA customer I feel Im also at the crossroads now. What I really like about the new direction is that MAXON will finally have a global online store. Im from Estonia, and I had to buy my licence from Finland because we do not have a local reseller. Presentation wise all this licencing and new online store were presented as if they were somehow the new features of cinema 4d. The online store thing should have been done years ago - a nobrainer decision. The reseller way of doing things is from the 90's, oddly some companies are still using this method, MAXON also until now. At the end of the day you should make the selling of your products as hassle free and easy as possible. I kind of like the entitlement system switching between computers but it is a double edge sword with a very nasty other edge because of that 14 day phone home system. Because of this the new perpetual licence is not actually a true perpetual when the company just can shut down the server and there is nothing you can do about that. This is actually stated in the FAQ that releases 3 years old may be retired and be no longer available for download. Now this is some Adobe level threat tactics...wow. Ready up some USB-s for R20 installation. As David McGavran said "...we are not going to force things on you...". Well the way I see it they are very clearly moving users to a subscription only model. It will probably take a few years but it's coming. Current MSA users lose access to Cinevercity going with the "perpetual" upgrade and the price is higher than the yearly subscription. This pricing system can not work the other way around where the perpetual upgrade is cheaper. Then you will not have any subscribers. Boiling frogs here. I also like to own the product after I buy it. The subscription model on computer software makes no sense to me as a studio owner/customer. There are some previous posts comparing C4D to a car but with physical products the subscription system makes much more sense to me. With a car there is always numerous maintenance work involved like insurance, technical check, tire changes, fire extinguisher maintenance etc. All that activity I would gladly trade in for a subscription so that everything works and is in order when I need to drive. With software there is no such maintenance involved(excluding the bug fixes), meaning a stable and working software will not break down over time or need any annual checkups to see if it still works (granted this might happen with a OS update but still, likelyhood is low). It just sits on your hard drive not asking anything, a tool on the shelf that was bought and paid for. Use it however and whenever you like. Feature wise the new field forces demonstrated in Chris Schmidt video are very powerful with big potential. But this direction for me seems kind of confusing. This enables C4D to do similar work to x-particles(still as far as I can tell x-particles has much more to offer). So it is kind of bringing x-particle functionality into cinema natively.The weird part being that people who would want that kind of functionality already have purchased x-particles and for people who are not in that field of 3D work will not care much. A side note: the Image denoiser and Mixamo rigs are very good additions. In the SIGGRAPH presentation there was also mentioned the world tour in 26 countries to introduce C4D to new users. So the focus now is to acquire new users, and users who are in the Autodesk camp(Much cheaper subscriptions compared to Autodesk products). And as I understand Autodesk already made a counter move with it's indie licencing test project. In conclusion, from my vantage point, this industry changing news is for the worse. The taken direction is very sad because I love the software. MAXON is just stomping on the existing users who made MAXON what it is today. My suggestion for MAXON is to take note what Serif-s Affinity products are doing. I use both and planning on buying the InDesign substitute also. I actually had big plans to build my new system primarily for C4D and Turbulence FD 2 when it comes out but turns out my plans need a rewrite. For all 3D DCC companies out there, Blender 2.8 seems to be a huge improvement in the UI department. So while using R20 Im looking in blenders general direction. I already looked through the official introductory videos and it looks very promising. I would guess that right now blender is sitting on a big red button that will burn other 3D DCC companies to the ground. The tech is there, all they need now is an even bigger push for UX. Ragnar
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