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  1. I think my computer just exploded. Thanks man i worked!
  2. Sure. I will post the scene collision.c4d
  3. The constraint tag? How should i use that and what does it do? :-)
  4. Hey (see attached pictures) How come the fragments fall the wrong way when the sphere hits the cube? I just want them to get pushed the same direction as the cube that goes through. The whole cube just kinda explodes :P
  5. Hi. This is my first time experimenting with (vector?) motion blur and i'm having an issue with an annoying dark overlay when i put the rendered image into after effects (check attached image). It only happens when i have vector motion blur turned on. Anyway, it's probably just some render settings. Hope you can help :)
  6. Yeah. Title says it. Much like in 3ds max. I'm animating a meteor crashing down, and i need to make the road fracture with pieces flying everywhere. Been looking at nitroblast, but it's not compatible with my student version. Hope you can help!
  7. Ah okay that's a bummer. However my ragdoll doesn't really need to be perfect either. It's supposed to be seen from a distance anyway. I am trying to replicate Nukazooka's look: (1:10)
  8. Hey guys! I just started experimenting with simulations and rigging. I want to make a animation of person collapsing. So i downloaded this 3d model of a rigged character, applied the "rigid body" tag to the model and set a cube to hit it. The model is hit by the cube, but isn't collapsing. The body is just stiff. The picture attached is right after the hit from the cube. Hope you guys can help me out with this! Thanks
  9. Okay i solved the problem. The plane's colors were created by the sky's cloud setting. I turned that off as i didn't need it and the renders are perfect now. Thanks for your help!
  10. Well everything is black when the sky is invisible in render. Probably because the light source is connected to the sky
  11. Thanks for the video! I followed the instructions and the render now looks like this: It definitely looks better, but the plane is still visible. Any way to render shadows and objects only?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Well i did download the shadow catcher plugin and use that material on my plane. I had no idea that this was already included. I'll attach some pictures :3 If there's an easy way to make these shadows, i'm all ears :) Thanks !
  13. Hey guys I just started using C4D 2 days ago and i made this scene which i'm about to render. Though i'm having issues with the shadow catcher plugin, so i was hoping that some of you could help me. My goal is to render the objects and the shadows only with correct lighting and all, though when i render, my plane seems to catch some blueish light. In the alpha channel, it's not even showing the shadows on the plane. Not sure if the blue color is connected to the physical sky i'm using. But as i said, i'm new to the program, so i hope you have some suggestions :) I'll attach some pictures for you to see.

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