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  1. Hi, I would like to know what tool or method was used to create this cloud-like sphere, A lot of objects in similar design category is made to look like that, but I cant seem to find any answer to my question. IF anyone knows let US know :)
  2. thanks, but I guess there is not a PERFECT way of doing this ? Like 100% ?
  3. Already tried that, too complicated for me to get to right spot, I never used FFD tbh
  4. Not really working, the middle parts are not equally distributed, but thanx, did not see that one
  5. Hi, I would like to make a spring but I need it to look exactly like on THIS IMAGE. when I make helix the ends are apart too like in THIS IMAGE. There is an option in helix called height bias, but that only affects one side and when it does, the whole middle part of the spring is not equally distributed (sorry I cant describe this better) . What Is an easy way of making that first image spring (exactyl like that)



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