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  1. Ah, well thank you for being honest and helping to get this far already! I think I'm going to cheat my way through it and forget about trying to make it open up altogether, as you said it would need a modelling expert and I'm definitely not that. Outsourcing could be a good idea, however, the cost would be a factor I would have to consider. Thank you for your support and advice, its greatly appreciated! Andy
  2. *These also should have been included in the first post - my mistake on this! I followed the method above and it produced very good results! However, I've tried to model the back section of the soap dispenser (box section) by selecting points at the back an extruding them - would this be the best way to go about creating the back section? 1) 2) These are my result so far by extruding it: Is there a way I am able to make the rear box section edges less rounded without altering the main dispenser body (dispenser body is in a SDS)? I assume its settings that could be altered within this SDS or by bevelling edges maybe? In addition to modelling this section, I also have the task of modelling the inner details and making it open and close. Advice on the best way to go about doing this too? All suggestions appreciated, Andy
  3. You are a genius! Thank you very much for your help - I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to model the shiny section in the centre of the soap dispenser but I have no clue on how. This is what I'm working with so far: Any ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated!



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