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  1. What do you reckon, @Cerbera? This is also an animation I want to do. Have the watch fly towards the camera with dynamics on the links (so that the strap keeps going when the watches stops - they sort of fly towards the camera). I've added a preview below (this is with pure keyframes. It's going to be too hard to keyframe realistic dynamics to those straps with a bend / twist deformer). test 2.mp4
  2. That's so cool! Thanks for the help so far! So I know what kind of shot I want. Basically I want to position and rotate my watch when revealing it. I've made a quick mockup (white part is the watch body and the blue parts are the straps). I really want to get some dynamic in there to get a realistic feel to it. Not sure if I get the point across with the video, but the summary is that I want the straps to sort overshoot either behind or in front of the watch (with some stiffness paramters so it doesnt act like a chain). Her is a mockup: test.mp4 Thanks again, @Cerbera!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I tried COaD'ing my cage but it's still the same. I got a feeling that it is my spline that's doing it. I'm not sure how I would set it up since there should be two splines technically. One on each side to get a realistic bend and slight twist. Im not quite sure where the spline should go (in the middle of each link or between. And what is a rail and why do I need that?). I've uploaded my file below for you to view. Casio_0039_c4dCafe.c4d Thank you. Again. Ben
  4. No worries, @Cerbera. I will try that as soon as I can, hopefully later today if I have the time. Just wondering because I couldn't find the answer from google, what is COaD? The cage actually is just whacky in the beginning, but after playing it through it falls nicely like a strap would. But from frame 1 - 30 (roughly) it is for some reason rotated the wrong way and "whacks" in to position (if you get my point :) ). I know all of this stuff is probably a bit above my skill-level, but this is for a personal project / self-development project and I truly appreciate the help, @Cerbera! Thanks, man!
  5. I've tried to duplicated the result in one of the project files sent over in previous posts but my cage gets all whacky and I dont know how to connect the cage to the mesh. Not sure what I am doing wrong or not doing at all. Do you have any spare time, @Cerbera? Dont stress it if you don't :) Ben
  6. Struggeling a bit with uploading images to C4D cafe. But here is another view @@Cerbera
  7. @Cerbera Thanks man! I think I've beveled them correctly to give more air between mesh-cage. Was not quite sure how to set it up but I think I got it. Have a look:
  8. Hey @Cerbera, how is my model looking? Don't stress it if you got loads of stuff to do, I appreciate the help you have already given me :) Regards Ben
  9. Sweet, @Cerbera. Thanks for your reply! I've read everything 5 times and I think I got it right. The only thing I am wondering is if the cage needs to fit the mesh when its subdivided or when it's not, or both. In any case, I made my cages slightly taller so it fits both. Also, should i add a custom cage to the end-strap/hinge (as seen in the last picture). The hinge is not currently in the connect object, but I can move it in there. I used a cloner for all three. I actually "reverse-engineered" it a bit, the cloner was more accurate it getting equal spaces between the links so I basically used the cloner object as reference and moved my mesh so they are all spaced equal and are the same size length-wise. Nifty! Okey so here is my progress: I know it looks like the links are coming through the cage on the last image but it's not, I think that is just cinema being weird on that angle. Thank you for helping me out! :) Ben
  10. Hey @Cerbera, I was wondering if you had some extra time to have a look at my project. I'm still getting stuck no matter what direction I take with this chain and I cant really find any suitable tutorial online. Don't stress it if your are busy! :) Thank you Ben
  11. @Cerbera Sounds awesome dude! I'd love to get som help with this, as well as learning how to do it myself next time. If you want I can send you the full file which is a bit different from the one I uploaded before. I've made a couple of changes since then. Thanks again, man. This really helps me out big time :) Ben
  12. Okey I've looked at both setups (with my beginner-intermediate c4d eyes) and I'm not sure which way to go. I've seen the mesh deformer in action and it looks like it's mainly used for softbody animation. I'm not quite sure how I would get it to work with the watch-strap I've got. I tried following a tutorial but my mesh goes all over the place. Might be because I've got lots of objects. I like the way a spline would work but I don't want it to deform in any way. How about rigging this thing with joints? Would that work? I've finished the strap and the end-link has to different "hinges" that I would love to have the same type of dynamics as everything. I got one above and one below as you can see below. I've tried following lot's of tutorials but it's hard to adapt the tutorials that show you how to make a simple rope or a simple chain with clonerobjects - to my chain with different objects and extra hinges and so on. I appreciate all your help folks, if anyone has a direct link to a tutorial that might suit my needs that would be great! :) Thanks again, @Cerbera @natevplas
  13. @natevplas @Cerbera Wow this rig is awesome! I do plan to add more links to my strap eventually, do you have a link to a tutorial so I can learn this technique from the ground up? I notice that the mesh does morph a little bit, it sort of bends where it shouldn't. Is there any way to avoid this? I also do want to subdivide it with a value of 3. If I subdivide the editor to 1 and subdivide the renderere to 3, would the mesh interact like it's subdivided once but the renderer will be smooth as a babys but? I really like that I can put the entire thing into a null and animate the null with the dynamics still working, this is awesome! Thank you for your help, guys! Really appreciate it :)
  14. Hey @natevplas! Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late one. I haven't had the chance to look at the last file you sent but I will this week and come back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for helping me out with this, I feel I learned a lot by your first file/reply post and can't wait to open the second one :) Will reply soon! Thank you :) :)
  15. Thanks for the super fast feedback guys! I downloaded the project and the result you got was really nice! I tried putting my strap in the connect object but I got really weird result (for some reason it scaled my object down along one axis, the mesh turned really blobby instead of hard collision like steel would interact with each other). I tried recreating your setup from the ground up but I only got so far, I could not figure out how to anchor the first vertex to hold everything - but copying your spline fixed that for me (but the mess turned really blobby). I really want to learn how to best setup an object like the one I've got. Right now I have a mixture of symmetry objects, individual objects and cloner objects. I assume that this would cause all sorts of problem if I put all of that in a Connect object (I'm not quite sure what a connect object is but from what I could read online is that children of a Connect object sort of ... connects object and act as one?) I've attached just the strap from my model, If you guys would not mind could you have a look at tell me if I should re-structure it? Would it just be better to have individual objects instead of the mess I currently got? WatchStrap_HowCouldThisBeSetupBetter.c4d Thank you guys Ben



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