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  1. Hello erveryone, I'm trying to make a displacement map in photoshop and I need it to be really exact, and I'm getting diferent values between C4D and Photoshopm in a zone of the displacement mapt where photoshop shows 81% os white, C4D i showing 81.568%, everything but 100% and 0% is the same, any idea why this is happening and how can I make it work? Thank you in advance :)
  2. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new at sub-d modeling and i'm trying to model a guitar as close to reality as possible for practice. I'm really enjoying the process, but right now i'm stucked with a tiny detail on the top part of the guitar, any ideas on how to aproach it? Thank you in advance :) dubte c4d.c4d
  3. I'm trying to make a figure fall to the ground and break using voronoi and dinamics but when the figure hit the floor it has a little (but visible) gap between the figure and the floor, check the picture to see it. Any idea on how can I fix it? I'm using c4d r19 and voronoi with conector, and detailing. Thank you in advance :).



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