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  1. Hi I am quite new so bare with me, but im trying to blend in the text more with the object if anyone could give me any pointers? Really appreciate it -Josh ;-)
  2. Thank you a lot man! I have been experimenting a lot with lighting and textures today as I feel that is the most important for the look im trying to achieve, thanks again ;-)
  3. Do you think I could make lettering with ZBrush as well?
  4. Oh I didn't know I selected prime, I have 18 Studio
  5. Hi guys, hope you are having a nice day, just wondering what tools and dynamics will I have to learn to produce stuff like this? Im aware it will probably take years to learn this but im ready for the challenge, and excited to add 3D software typography to my physical portfolio. I think you will get the idea of the style im trying to get, I guess the easiest question is where should I start other than learning the basics ofcourse, any specific tips?



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