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  1. Hey there :D I started working on a project using Octane and Cinema 4D. The concept is to model and texture a plastic-cup. Modelling it was successful and I already textured the top part of the cup, but I can't figure out how texturing the body works. It looks like glass, but I want it to be like plastic. Is there anynone, who is familiar with octane and would be open to help me? thanks in advance :) The picture on the left side is my model btw.
  2. Ah :D Ok, thank you guys for the response. I appreciate that.
  3. Hey :D I was wondering if there is any possibility to add a material to more than one object at the same time. As an example: I have 10 Cylinders and I want to apply the same material to every single object. If I try to drag and drop the material to all my selected objects it only works for the one I drag it on, even though I selected every single one of them. Does anybody of you know a solution for this?
  4. Yes, I do have opengl in cinema 4D disabled, because it crashes when I try to open Cinema 4D after 1 second.
  5. I don't think so. It is just a random pic of the internet.
  6. Hey, so I am currently working on a low-poly project and I want to model a wolf. I have imported an image in viewport-back-image. It works perfectly fine but I can't use the transparency option, which I urgently need :c Can someone of you guys help me?



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