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  1. copy that. I was able to go to another forum and get an answer much easier and with less hassle. guess this isn't the place for me. Your inability to recognize your response as having attitude doesn't make me want to return to a site where you "moderate". your grammar confused me and I interpreted you as saying" "you're not using c4D". good luck with that.
  2. I agree. I was responding to the attitude I received from cebera. Don't know why they responded to me the way they did on my first post ever. Definitely does not make me want to return or defer to the masters here.
  3. Studio R18. I have no time for attitude: none.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and C4D. I was trying to align a camera to a spline and keep getting a jump or a skip overtime the camera passes a certain point in the spline. there are no keyframes where it skips and when I do a simulation not in the camera view, the camera moves along the spline just fine. I've attached a video where you can see it skip/the fabric (using x particles) jumps to a different position as opposed to a gradual flow. I hope it's something really simple that I'm overlooking. If anyone can help me out with this workflow I'd really appreciate it. hope al is well, Ignacio C4Dquestion-camera.mp4



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