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  1. Hey everyone - I've been using a C4D for a few weeks and have run into a challenge I was hoping you get help me resolve. I downloaded a model, but the texture is scrambled (see attached). What is the best way to create new UV Maps for the model that I can color in Photoshop? Thanks so much!!
  2. Hey guys - I had another question, somewhere I'm generating 2 sets of shadows (seen on the back elevator and front air intake scoop). I'm using a physical sky (with raytraced shadows), ambient occlusion + global illumination set. The shadow I want is the Physical sky, but can't seem to find any other settings for the "other shadow". Also, is it possible get the bottom of the plane a bit darker (ie - shaded a bit more)? I'm trying to set up a good workflow for these realistic, outside renders. Thanks again!!!
  3. Dan - you've made my day and I am very appreciative of your effort. Thank you very much from across the pond! Craig :)
  4. OMG - a personal video! Thanks Dan for taking the time to show this in action! I have a project for tonight and will try to work through as many of the "problems" as I can. One thing I noticed - there are no "normal tags" in the object list - should I delete all of those? Thanks, Craig
  5. Hey guys - thanks again for supporting me through this - I'm determined to find a solution! ;) I just used the optimize command and it doesn't seem to do anything (unless I'm misunderstanding how to use it). I also tried to weld points and edges and just jacked-up the model and holes began forming. I also tried removing the normal tags and adjusting the phong tag on the nose and fuselage components, but that doesn't seem to change anything either. Any other thoughts?
  6. Dan - I'll give the weld effort a go and will report back... Also -(Vizn) Good idea, however, I already tried them to no avail and came here for expertise help. So - the net, net takeaway is we have an exportation issue from 3DMax to C4D (perhaps this was built in an early version fo 3DS). As an aside - In order to minimize compatibility issues in the future, what types of things should I ask a modeling artist about their files before purchasing more models?
  7. Hey Dan - thanks for offering to try it in Modo - if that's not too much trouble, that would be fabulous! I'm always looking to learn "how" so any tips you have after looking at this file, I can use them on the other 2 models as well. I have the texture maps I've been using - let me know how you'd prefer I send these to you - hopefully we can make this model look good! :) Thanks a bunch!!!
  8. OK - so Modo would be the next tool to take this through - to help make the fixes?
  9. Thanks for taking a look Bezo - I figured there was some poly-related issues. I bought 3 of these models and haven't worked on the other 2 yet, and figure they probably have the same issue. I'll play next with the normal/phong tag settings. I was hoping to use this model for some up close "hero" still images, and it looks like it will need a lot of Photoshop post work to make it look good. Not sure its worth it. Also - I'm fairly new to C4D and modelling in general, but could you point out a good tutorial for attempting to weld the parts to smooth them out. I don't mind re-working the texture and specular files at all, just want the simple geometry to work out - i.e. if light hits the fuselage, it wraps naturally around the surface.... :) LOL - just for the model to work in a basic environment. Thanks so much!!
  10. Hey Dan - thanks for the quick reply. I tried to upload the C4D file (attached). The model I bought comes from here (https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/german-early-3ds/771578) - not sure if this helps. Let me know if this file helps or if you need something else. I bought a couple of these models and hope I can get them all to work properly. Thanks so much! Craig
  11. Hey everyone - I've been using a C4D for a few weeks and have run into a challenge I was hoping you get help me resolve. I downloaded this airplane model, retextured it, but when I render, there are some seams (where the textures meet) that blocks the specular light from smoothly wrapping around. Attached is an image that shows these hard lines where the specular highlight gets stopped. I found some tutorials using hypernurbs to smooth out rough model surfaces, however I'm using C4D R19 (no hypernurbs) and discovered using "Subdivision Surface". "Subdivision Surface" seems to completely distort the model and the seam issue becomes much worse. Any ideas or tutorials that might help smooth out the model, so the specular light wraps naturally? Thanks so much!!
  12. Hey everyone - Just getting started with C4D and have been working on my first render - but have reached a roadblock. My file consists of a floor, infinite light (to act as the sun), physical sky, background, camera, and airplane object. I'm trying to render a nice, high resolution pic for some photoshop, post-work, however, these strange light artifacts are appearing on the bottom edge and around the canopy. When I turn off the infinite light, the strange lights disappear, but I can't seem to determine where these are coming from. Please let me know if other menu screenshots are needed to sleuth this one out. Thanks so much!! Original screencapture is here: https://www.acesinaction.com/ebaygeneralimages Craig
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