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  1. Getting that car rim completely round

    Hi Bezo, Many thanks for your quick response and for your help. So if I interpret your awnser right it's important for me to imagine the subdivisions I'm gonna need in the beginning of the project. So I don't have to cut up the round outer shape to much. Do I understand it clearly? Regards, Pieter
  2. Hi all, My name is Pieter and I'm a Cinema4D senior newbie (meaning I've always played around in 3D but never educated myself into the subject enough untill I recently started) haha. I'm modelling a car rim here. And I keep stumbling upon the same issue over and over. I'm trying to make the outer loops perfectly rounded after bridging the spoke to the outer rim part. Problem is that I can't get it to work; even when I use points to circle it warps a lot just on top of the spoke. Anyone willing to teach me how to fix this in the future in general. I mean is there a solution that works for all rims, even the more complex ones. Many many thanks in advance. Much appreciated! Regards, Pieter Goris Wheel-0007.c4d