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  1. Thank you that works really well
  2. How could i achieve this chrome effect? I think the blurred background imgage is being reflected on the text but I am not sure if it is a hdri or just a normal image on a plane or something else.
  3. I have used an hdri sky first and in the attached image only a physical sky which gives me slightly better results
  4. Does anybody use substance materials in c4d? I just have downloaded a 30 days substance trial (I only have tried alchemist sofar) and the textures are really looking impressive and are being shown in real time. But whenever I export a texture as a sbsar file and load it into c4d to render it with physical I get a really disappointig result. How could I improve the substance alchemist to c4d workflow?
  5. What would be the best way to add some thickness to this shape? When I try to extrude the whole object gets rounded instead of maintaining the original proportions. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YK8rVxwuOaFVKXzpxvH65cvQopW9WcyT/view?usp=sharing
  6. that could be an option, I have not tried to sculpt the wrinkles yet
  7. Thank you! This works perfectly except for this cube no matter what soft body settings I change it just will stay smooth.
  8. I used soft body and a vertex map to inflate this cube but it gets way too smooth so I tried a displacer with noise to create some wrinkles without any good results. How could I add some nice wrinkles like in the image? https://www.pinterest.at/pin/788059634783564537/ pillowcube.c4d
  9. I just had time to try it with soft body inflation and a vertex map and it worked perfectly except the cube is too smooth and has no wrinkles at all. I tried using a displacer with noise but dont get any good results. How could I add some nice wrinkles? pillowcube.c4d
  10. thank you so much for your help! i just found an other eydesyn tutorial about softbody inflation that looks promising.
  11. not really i'm still new to c4d but i watched a balloon tutorial from eyedesyn where he uses vertex maps
  12. but how do i make a cube out of it like in the image?
  13. How could i create this cloth cube https://pin.it/4VmRwXE
  14. Hey Guys! I really need your help with a current C4D project. So I'm trying to render out an underwater scene with animated jelly fish (275 frames) but as soon as I hit the render button C4D needs 20HOURS!!! for one single frame even though the guy in the tutorial renders the scene with the same settings within a few minutes I use global illumination, blur and basic lightening. I tried to turn gi off and simplify the scene but it will turn out crappy. For the materials I use luminance, transparency, reflectans and alpha. I really would appreciate your Help. Heres the tutori


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