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  1. Thank you for the help. textcrumbletry.c4d
  2. checked off the image Alpha box in alpha channel and still rendering a full text didnt work
  3. Hello!!, Ive been trying to make a text disappear through material channel, ive made B&W gradient and animated it from black to white. then i copied the gradient to my alpha channel and inverted it, in my perspective view nothing seems wrong but when i render there is no effect on my text. so when in preview frame i cant see my text , when i render it shows flawless. ive tryed cranking up my ray-depth, didnt work. any advices?
  4. Hi , very new youll see that in the file ill attach. im trying to create a simple walk cycle with a tiny house model. ive made a quick house model and tryed rigging it, unfourtunally i cant use bind to connect the body and skele together. please help me or guide me to the right direction... all i want is small running houses. thanx in advance.. house rig.c4d
  5. Hi there, my very first question and post.. i was thinking on an easy first project and ended up with making a shaker pour liquid into a martini glass.. ive managed to undestand how to model and create liquids without real flow.. problem is and i cant understand why, the liquid keeps escaping my shape altough i used Collider & collision as Static Mesh as you can see the model does not hold all the liquid. added pictures, please help me i wanna finish the first project ever and learn more

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