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  1. Hi all; forgive me if this is a dummy question, but ready manuals and scouring the forum I haven't yet found an answer/s. 1. I am following the excellent 'Creature creation in C4D' tutorial hosted on Lynda; Having finished the sculpt and made a UV map at lower levels I have not baked my maps and upon render most of it is looking good except for super jagged feet and hands: I have included images of the finals sculpt; baked render, UV and detail of the hands UV and render settings. 2. My second question as an entirely new user of Octane is; when the bake is rendered/previewed using octane it produces a potato monster -why is this? Again apologies for such newby questions; but as you can guess since this all tutorial based I have a long way to go; any and all help is appreciated, Thanks!
  2. joenilec

    materials not shown in view port

    Thanks for the suggestion bezo - my materials still arent showing right. However after messing with 'textures' - colours applied in materials are working. I tried testing with images applied in the colour field (wood plank image light brown); (see images) --with 'textures' turned on objects appear white in the view port. --with textures turned off, objects appear a single hue taken from the source image. In this case, an overall light brown - from the wood plank image. I checked to see if other attributes were showing - so far only simple colour seems normal. Bump not showing (see images)
  3. No materials are showing in my view port; even with a single object all objects remain grey until rendered. Previously on first install I didn't have this problem, it occurred without any changes to preferences and I have no idea why. A bug maybe? Thanks in advance.
  4. joenilec

    Spline drawings offset - not at 0

    Thank you so much Vizn; this has helped me work around this, and both of your suggestions have opened avenues for learning; cheers man!
  5. Hi guys any help for a total learner would be appreciated, and apologies if this thread already exists, I couldn't find it. In my starting out with learning and testing splines, I have found that whether drawing in top, right, or any view my splines are always at a distance in appearance from the 0 coordinates. I have included two examples of each. Anybody know why this would be? Sorry not to give more information at this point, I don't want to overwhelm. If anything is needed to help me out, gimme a shout. Thanks!