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  1. I get the feeling this is sort of a dumb question. But I made a variation of this effect and would like to import it into C4D to insert a model and match the lighting and what not. However, when I try to export it as a C4D file it won't bring most of the elements along as outside of the element 3d layer and cameras there's not many other 3d layers. I also tried importing it as various file types to no avail.
  2. You might have missed it as it does fly past relatively quickly. Time stamp is 0:08
  3. I'm making this effect and want it to match the lighting of an X-Wing model I have, similar to the way the banana does in the example. What's the best way to accomplish this? I tried using an HDRI environment and importing the AE scene, but then animating it is kind of a pain and looks awkward.
  4. How can I disable texture rendering in the view port (or significantly lower it's resource impact)? I'm using Octane v3 in R19 and would prefer to just have Octane running.
  5. Hi everyone, I recently started using C4D R16 and ran into an issue where I disoriented my camera, upon looking up solutions a common one was to go to the viewport edit option and select 'Frame Default'. However, that option is missing for me in the viewport window. Is it located somewhere else?