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  1. Thanks, It's a pity, but I've made a ticket #InWaitingOfAnswer
  2. Hey everyone. I get 0.5-2 fps in sculpting when polygon count matches 10 or 15 million. But in Zbrush, Mudbox and even in Blender there is a better performance. Are there probably any limitations 'cause my hardware doesn't even overload? My specs: Amd 2600x RTX 2070 32GB RAM
  3. Seems, I've found another way how can I make what I want. Do you know how to change user data by definite id via Python tag? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello again/ Thanks for the reply. Sorry for dumb question, c.o.f.f.e.e is closer to me, but how to transfer variable value from func. Can u help me? I just wanna make button trigger. Main() can't get value from additional func although there is a global variable Just open the file and u'll understand. Python.c4d
  5. Hello everyone. I have python tag and xpresso. How can I get the variable from Python tag in xpresso? I get an error in console “SyntaxError: can’t assign to function call”
  6. If I convert mesher/instances to just editable objects I can't bake with cubic projection. It bakes only with an original projection (20 objects with same UV for example). If I connect that to a single object I can't use variation shader. Added: Seems I found a solution and it works but I still wanna bake objects without this way. One question - how!!!
  7. Hello. I have a problem. Wood surface looks fine but when I bake object I get wrong results (tex is 4k. So I don't think a size depends on results. Yes it depends but I sure you've understood). Seems I've finally understood why I get bad results. Shader with a variation and a wood surface make different wood textures for every block (bit of parquet). When I bake textures I get same texture for every block. Any ideas?
  8. Hello everyone. How to use light portals in ProRender? I created a plane, added a compositing tag to it and then I turned on the light portal checkbox. But the light portal doesn't work at all. I tried to disable my portal and compare results. And nothing has been changed. And yes, normals are faced to my interior.
  9. Thank you so much. Can you explain to me? About inValue I hear at the first time.
  10. I've tried to use python. But I have a syntax error. What's wrong? def main(): global Output1 global s s=Input1 if s > 0 : Output1 = s else : Output1 = 7



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