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  1. Thanks for answers. So by experementing with deformers I think a manage to get some result. As Pevetz said, I create road mesh with sweep method and project it on the terrain. After that I deleted the polygons where the road was. Then I just drop Shrink Wrap deformer on terrain mesh and start adjust edges of terrain to correct it. I guess , the trick is to make the number of polygons on the road almost equals to terrain polys, then Shrink Wrap deformer seems to work fine. So far, this is the best result I could achieve. I think I just make some fine touches to terrain in sculpt mode.
  2. I know this question has been discussed many times here. I found topics where people asked how to combine the terrain with the road, using various deformers but still... So I have my personal project in which there is a large piece of terrain about 2x2 km. It's a simple california type valley, through which the road passes. And I do not want the road to stand out from the terrain. So i start looking how people make they roads, but they always made them a separate mesh, with spline projection, etc. So I want to find is there any workflow that can give me seamless road approach? For example i take a look on gta v roads, seems like rockstar did it pretty well. It's obvious that roads there just planes in one mesh with terrain (i could be wrong) and hopefully I would like to achieve the same results.
  3. Thanks for answers! I was experimenting today with a dynamic rig, and I was able to get the car to follow the object moving along the spline using motors. Also I managed to get the car to simulate drift by animating the friction parameter of the rear wheels. But yeah, still feels like lack of control. Today I came across a tutorial on YouTube, it's a rig with a xpresso. I'll try to experiment with it. Looks very interesting! Gonna try it too, thanks :)
  4. Hello everybody! I'm working on an animation project in which I need to animate the cars. I watched a lot of tutorials for car rigs, and stopped at the rig from Jed. He used dynamic objects and motors in it, and he hid the high-poly model into primitives. This all works fine for me, but I need a more complicated animation where cars could drift on the road. I tried to achieve this on a dynamic rig, but it's quite difficult to control and does not always work out. I thought to give up the dynamic rig and use the key animation where I can better control the behavior of the car. The question is, I can not understand how I can make the wheels spin, if before the wheels were rotated by motors in a dynamic rig, how can I do it without it? Does anyone have any solutions or thoughts? Maybe it's still possible to make car go sideways with dynamic rig? I'm really stuck here.
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