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    From the album: people

  3. so, sorry for the late reply but I was follwing up on this EC4D Noise it's a free shader addon for Cinema 4D I forgotten what i was using it for it's for the stars in the back you can finfd it here biomekk.com - [Enhance:C4D]
  4. https://mega.nz/file/hDQynRII#vBX2L4WSrhAGlNpce0deuy6VHsGqio-mGKRl_XR9tWg can you check the settings in this clip with yours? do you mean that you don't have any noise at all? if so, your installation is off and you should try to reinstall Cinema 4D
  5. it's R19 - let me check this and I get back to you on this thanks for letting me know this
  6. 8 downloads

    no plugins needed no third party render engine needed no scripts no code executions no support given explore the scene and material settings at your own pace you will figure how it works as always PATIENCE use at your own risk no warranties whatsoever data-loss is always possible always make and keep backups
  7. From the album: space

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    ideas and stuff
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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    Alien Isolation

    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

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    From the album: 2020

  21. Hello all I'm not a web developer and as such my opinion probably sucks but the new gallery is as worst as the old and mediocre in terms of user experience as I said, only my opinion don't ask me how to make it better I am not creative enough for website gallery developments but it needs something "WOW" or the X factor if you will have a great weekend cheers
  22. Hi nope, only Bodypaint R19 I could reinstall Cinema but... all the settings I don't try to think of that nightmare (preferably not)
  23. my very first installation of C4D the preview thumbnails of a saved *.c4d file worked just fine had to reinstall macOS and after that C4D I can do what I want in the settings but the file preview in Finder windows macOS isn't showing up it just shows like this Finder window settings the settings pane inside Cinema 4D don't know what to do Cinema4D settings wherever the file is saved it shows the preview in C4D but not anymore in Finder window Finder settings to
  24. I couldn't make up my mind about the flooring so here are two versions enjoy


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