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  1. vanderleden

    Martian parasite

    glad you like it (I mean outside your brain of course )
  2. Martian parasite measuring around 9 femtometer is only contagious if you meet certain emotional criteria and then the "Dronder" will feed on the chemicals your brain produces based on your emotions
  3. vanderleden

    Trabant two versions

    somewhat cool
  4. vanderleden

    Trabant project, created for August Horch Museum

    this is nostalgic can't believe somebody actually was having enough space to drive in these
  5. vanderleden


    © vanderleden

  6. vanderleden

    ice crystal

    I thought so, too, but by the looks there is probably a lot of micro displacement or actually modelled (?) I bet you don't wanna do that at 4K
  7. vanderleden

    macOS users - TrendMicro gone rogue

    https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/trend-micro-apps-leak-user-data-removed-from-mac-app-store/ if you have any TrendMicro apps (me included) ... kill em seems a Chinese brain figured it's better to collect user data than to protect it I only had Dr. Unarchiver; not that I used it regularly but bad enough
  8. vanderleden

    modelling WIP-Dutch city bike

    lovely detail
  9. vanderleden

    ice crystal

    I like the Bokeh FX great render
  10. vanderleden


    great render :)
  11. vanderleden

    table set model

    OK :) done
  12. vanderleden

    NOVA - propaganda poster render

    a certain organisation wants you badly to make the red planet green of course no harm done on the surface of our neighbour it's all business ...
  13. sorry for the late reply no this is done in standard render I think I sculpt the geometry for the dirty bits and pieces the shader approach does sound a lot of pain thanks for the insight cheers