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  1. I would like to know if it is even possible to create your own shader menu so that your own shaders appear in the shader menu as a sub menu Cycles 4D did it, so I think it should be somehow possible would be great if someone is familiar with the technicalities achieving this the reason for that is so that I don't have to import the shaders the hard way and could use the menu instead (that's the idea)
  2. Sci-Fi Corridor D

    this is the final version of the Sci-Fi Corridor
  3. Sci-Fi corridor WIP

    this is my final version critique, hints and tips very welcome
  4. Sci-Fi corridor WIP

    some further progress
  5. Sci-Fi corridor WIP

    I'm not proficient in Poser but have plans to learn the program for now at least it gives a bit life in the scenes
  6. Sci-Fi corridor WIP

    detailing here and there
  7. SF_corridor_B_02a

    Sci-Fi corridor work in progress
  8. ST III Spacedock

    you doing good so far it's true with file size computers are 64bit and can take a heavy punch these days just a thought, it's a space scene the Standard Render would do nicely and maybe faster (I don't have Studio so don't know about the Physical Render - have only Bodypaint 3d version Prime with sculpting basically) or to speed things up give Cycles 4D a shot they have a unrestricted fully featured demo
  9. is it possible to change all individual materials (on a as need basis) to a clay shader for example with XPresso for a clay render and then back to the original materials ? or is there a render setting where I can choose to make a clay render, only ?
  10. Cycles 4D do I need Blender installed ?

    thanks for clarifying
  11. so, do I understand correctly that Cycles 4D is the standalone version of Blender Cycles ? does that mean I actually don't need Blender installed ? if so, great News... I don't want Blender on my system anyway can someone clarify ?
  12. Uregistered License

    that license is for 3 months after that... open personalise enter your permanent key restart c4d if it's still there call MAXON if you run the license server things might be different
  13. C4D R19 ProRender (GPU) rendering

    looking good
  14. ST III Spacedock

    what renderer are you using? the renders are test renders? that humongous station is a challenge indeed (just thinking about that file size)