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  1. vanderleden

    Rolling teapot_Evil girl

    hilarious :)
  2. vanderleden

    C4D R19 ProRender (GPU) rendering

    I like crystals - awesome render
  3. vanderleden

    The raven

    wow, this IS kinda freaky reminds me of some nasty horror puppets where kids vanish at midnight and all that stuff on second thought maybe appropriate to the lyrics of Hotel California from 'The Eagles' ? keep it going
  4. vanderleden

    tie new 1 low.jpg

    great job
  5. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    yep, I think so I wish I could upgrade the hardware but Apple thinks it's a silly idea to have Nvidia gear on a Mac mini ...
  6. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    what graphics card do you have ? I have a crappy Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB maybe that's the problem ?
  7. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    hmm... me too, in fact for years High Sierra ain't working that great either in my case Sierra is the best choice for me right now but at least I gave High Sierra and Mojave a try
  8. vanderleden


    had to look twice
  9. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    it's old late 2014 Mac mini
  10. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    it's all laggy of sort you can model but it's not as fast as you're used to that sort of thing you know something's not right with your Mac that kinda feeling and you get the urge to reinstall Sierra, badly like right f.... now maybe the graphics card or that Mojave is pushing Metal and OpenGL at the same time (?) I have that monster of Intel... you know.... yeah... monster.... back in Sierra now everything runs butter smooth
  11. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    Cycles 4D for starters laggy (moving the nodes is like watching a wheel spin in slow-motion) Standard Shaders double click to create Shader takes way too long until the shader preview is rendered and some polygon modelling doesn't feel right as if Tim Cook looks over your back with a remote to slow you down all the time I stick with Sierra no matter what comes next but Windows is not gonna happen ever as I have invested too much on Mac software to make a switch
  12. vanderleden

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    Mojave sucks as far as R19 is concerned I've gone back to macOS Sierra anyone else encountered performance issues with Mojave and C4D especially ? to be honest I'm healed from macOS latest and "greatest"
  13. vanderleden

    Martian parasite

    glad you like it (I mean outside your brain of course )
  14. Martian parasite measuring around 9 femtometer is only contagious if you meet certain emotional criteria and then the "Dronder" will feed on the chemicals your brain produces based on your emotions
  15. vanderleden

    Trabant two versions

    somewhat cool