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  1. vanderleden

    C4D to Comic

    thanks so much it means a lot to me glad you like it
  2. vanderleden

    C4D to Comic

    made in C4D and Filterforge fan art
  3. vanderleden


    from your Stan Lee fan a fictitious comic cover fan art
  4. vanderleden

    1800 Free Architectural Profiles for C4D

    had a look trying out a few what a great time saver many thanks
  5. vanderleden

    sandbank habitat.jpg

  6. vanderleden

    Dining room - Redshift

    render times aside, I like the lighting in the room great job
  7. tritanium it's very rare, obviously
  8. vanderleden


  9. vanderleden

    Normal Map Plugin for Affinity Photo?

    yes, indeed thanks
  10. bismut crystal download the c4d file from my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/dn0naymanqrvzdj/bismut.zip?dl=0
  11. vanderleden


  12. vanderleden

    Normal Map Plugin for Affinity Photo?

    is there a free normal map plugin for Affinity Photo or Photoshop CS2 compatible? I use FilterForge Standard which doesn't come with the normal map generator (at least I think so or almost hundred percent certain) or can I do that somehow in Cinema 4D ?
  13. vanderleden


    oh yes, always NICE to hear such kind words straight in the ear of Mac-Mini user
  14. vanderleden


    thumbs up beautiful piece of art