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  1. Igor, what do these videos have got to do with it? Can't you sell them? Do you know how many videos there are on YouTube covering Cinema 4D back and forth? I was very specific, actually. Who cares... really, Igor, I DON'T NEED YOUR WEBSITE because I'm a hobbyist I can read other C4D websites out there really
  2. I see it this way C4D Cafe: - a decision how to finance your website was made from the beginning (ads and financial supporters) - the web is jam-packed with ads, C4D cafe ad free with a monthly fee won't make the slightest difference - the hopes of the product owners exceed their ego and as such we will see even more ads who cares
  3. Hello all I'm not a web developer and as such my opinion probably sucks but the new gallery is as worst as the old and mediocre in terms of user experience as I said, only my opinion don't ask me how to make it better I am not creative enough for website gallery developments but it needs something "WOW" or the X factor if you will have a great weekend cheers
  4. Hi nope, only Bodypaint R19 I could reinstall Cinema but... all the settings I don't try to think of that nightmare (preferably not)
  5. my very first installation of C4D the preview thumbnails of a saved *.c4d file worked just fine had to reinstall macOS and after that C4D I can do what I want in the settings but the file preview in Finder windows macOS isn't showing up it just shows like this Finder window settings the settings pane inside Cinema 4D don't know what to do Cinema4D settings wherever the file is saved it shows the preview in C4D but not anymore in Finder window Finder settings to show previews (it works with all sorts of files like jpeg but not the c4d anymore)
  6. I couldn't make up my mind about the flooring so here are two versions enjoy
  7. thanks great you like it I was inspired by some LUTs in Sci-Fi movies
  8. give it try there https://www.cgtrader.com/freelance-with-us or browse freelance projects https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-modeling-jobs/browse I have no idea but maybe worth a look (?) upload your stuff there, too, so folks get to see your work and no costs running a website ps. my intention is not to promote any commercial website as I'm not affiliated with any website at all but to help you find work good luck you deserve it anyone deserves it
  9. just had a look at your website you definitely do need to amp-up your website because it's very hard for someone to grasp your skill if an agent is visiting your site they close it down on the intro page
  10. same here gave up LOOONG time ago because I realised that I'm useless with 3d stuff now hobby only
  11. plug(in) close-up
  12. I had a brief look but need more time it does look promising but until you know more I wait what you think
  13. I get you I'm trying my luck a bit more with Bodypaint then, I think it's not too bad BFF, have you tried this? https://github.com/GeometryCollective/boundary-first-flattening
  14. good to know nothing is perfect.. huh?

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