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    C4D Prime and Mocap

    can I use motion capture data to animate a character in C4D Prime?
  2. please let me know any bit of improvement that needs to be done download here: pending approval
  3. vanderleden

    Pixar's Renderman for C4D killed off?

    it's an old post but it's not an unbiased render, no? what's the loss if any if there is no Renderman who cares? there is 3delight available at no cost and it's to my knowledge a Renderman compliant (whatever that means)
  4. vanderleden

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    sounds very interesting I have seen a couple Steampunk renders what a project looking forward to see your end results with that: keep on steamin'
  5. vanderleden

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    for hobbyists like C4D R19 Bodypaint version there should be Dynamics, Prorender and hair and toon yeah, leave out MoGraph as a PRO Feature - no issues with that (I think of something like the Unity 3D buying option if you can proof that you earn below a certain amount of money and that you are not a registered studio) and this as free upgrade for existing version users of the previous version (oh gee, yessss) there is no real loss, in fact it drives more customers toward MAXON than away from it not sure if there are actually many going away from C4D because of it, but hey it would mean new customers - be CREATIVE right... remember the announcement of Unreal Engine and then Unity - wow what a leap forward in the right direction, and NOBODY in the world thought this possible EVER and yet there it is FREE Unreal Engine and Unity3D to blow your mind for EVERYONE my few cents but I don't make the decisions at MAXON (thank goodness) my setup is Bodypaint, Cycles4D, a lot of free plugins, Poser 11 that makes it a Prime Version on high heels "Rock'n'Roll" I knew exactly what I can afford to pay with what MAXON has on offer and compared it with other software (a very close candidate was LightWave but modelling wise Cinema 4D all over it was a tough one to make this decision, trust me - somewhat I regret not buying LightWave but modelling in lightWave sucks badly) I'm not at all unhappy with what I got and still get things done one way or the other so in a sense, no moaning about the Prime Version and it came with offline USB installer and... I love that MAXON pen
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    color coated glass for Cycles 4D compatibility recommended R19+
  8. vanderleden

    Glas isn't transparent

    sample render
  9. vanderleden

    Glas isn't transparent

    can you try this? as Vizn said I also don't understand the double lens unless it would be slightly smaller and have a different coating perhaps, but maybe you can explain I noticed your color was checked, but I recommend to do this in the transparency itself and check off the color entirely your reflectance channel has the missing component Layer fresnel > Dielectric > Glass which gives a bit more realism to be honest or you could add also add Dielectric Pearl which gives the illusion of coatings glass.c4d coated glass.c4d
  10. fascinating projects

    keep up the good work

  11. vanderleden

    2 images (incl. project files)

    beautiful render I was unable to download your project to test how close I could get with rendering in Cycles 4D
  12. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    sorry, didn't want to derail the topic back to VRay for C4D
  13. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    of course that's true and got the latest version on DAZ Download Manager supposedly 64bit after what 5 years (?) at least, and still not sure if it really is a 64bit on Mac this is how I use DAZ today but in the old days it was daily: DAZ Studio if I really need to render spectral caustics with IRay in CPU mode (LOL..., sad really...) Hexagon is history Bryce is history as it doesn't work on macOS Sierra Carrara 7 Pro exclusively for landscape wavefront obj and nothing more to be honest DAZ is a total mystery to me "you never know what is hitting you in front or stabbing you in the back" remember when all DAZ products were free with the exclusion of Carrara (their "flagship" you need patience to look and actually find it on the store page; same with Bryce and until recently same with Hexagon) I'm not sure what DAZ is really up to for characters I use Poser (figure) you get what you pay for most of the time not saying Blender is bad but it doesn't jive with me at all and the latest version is even more a nightmare to get around doing the most simple things Blender really hates me to the bone, nothing I can do about, that's why I had enough and got C4D and I'm happy
  14. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    I'm past the Blender thing amongst others (Hexagon, DAZ, Bryce, Carrara) I don't look back
  15. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    awesome renders I'm impressed with a free version I mean 3DS Max users have the no-time-limited free Alpha version, I would be OK with a Beta version with no time limit and why not (?) hobbyists are on a low budget and think money-wise not like studios do no offence if I would do commercial work, of course I spend every year up to 500 quit but I can't
  16. vanderleden


    I like that one fantastic render
  17. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    I fully trust your opinion let's hope for enthusiasts and hobbyists like me there will be a Corona (Alpha-Beta) version like for 3DS Max available at no cost btw. I'm a Mac user, too and GPU is the problem on a Mac-Mini that's why Cycles 4D (but have to say Cycles4D Forum is a waste of time) cheers for the 3D-two cents
  18. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    Thanks Dan, your findings would be much appreciated because I'm interested as I'm at the mo somewhere in between Cycles 4D and Corona cheers keep up the good work
  19. vanderleden

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    on the other hand there is Cycles 4D (no rental) but as I'm no expert would be interested how you compare Cycles with the other renders you have obviously way more expertise what do you say?
  20. ambitious project you get this in no time
  21. vanderleden


    the composition works out well and good depth of field
  22. vanderleden

    atlantis w.i.p

    I'm stuck with the ocean shader (made from scratch native C4D shader) the model is from CG Trader or something and lacking detail but good for now water.c4d
  23. vanderleden

    C4D Studio R20 for sale

    Blender it is, well, fair enough. I did look at the latest Beta version; I'm too comfortable with C4D modelling-wise, Blender would have let me down so many times I can't be bothered with Blender anymore. Why not simply call off the MSA and you still have a flagship at hand when you do 3D. Believe me, you will regret it to give up C4D for Blender. Keep it for the time being. I'm also just a hobbyist, that's why I got the Bodypaint version without MSA (that's basically Prime with sculpting) and Cycles 4D for shadow catcher and to render splines there are no rentals with Cycles 4D on top of that I didn't need Mograph or simulations or character rigging stuff for that bit I use Poser 11 for cloth sim or basic characters to fill a scene with some people Don't give up 3D because of that or because you are staring at an empty viewport. We all been there.
  24. hard surface practise heavily inspired from an online render the render could be from a German guy but I don't remember his name or where I downloaded it, maybe he's a member here
  25. vanderleden

    SECTOR 11:11

    greeble aficionado